Dramatic healing with a revelation of Jesus

This man Michael got healed by Jesus a couple months ago in Boston. His hand was a mess and swollen really large. He showed us his hand about a week or two later, completely healed. The hospital couldn’t figure out what was wrong took ex-rays but then assumed it was a blood infection. We had a long talk with him Easter Sunday. He is clean, off drugs, and feels really good about that, but the treatment center keeps telling him he’ll always be an addict and that he needs more counseling. I’m not against treatment centers but being a past addict myself, and getting totally set free by Jesus, I couldn’t let a lie like that slide, so I started explaining that he doesn’t have to live in that lie any longer. He was so excited to hear me explain how and why he can be permanently free through Jesus. The Word says, we are no longer slaves to sin when we get born again, and the Holy Spirit can and will produce fruits of holiness in us if we surrender to His Lordship. Mike also didn’t understand that church attendance doesn’t define your relationship with Jesus, and that a real relationship doesn’t have to seem dead, religious, or boring when you really walk with Jesus. There’s nothing wrong with church attendance unless you think that church saves you or that going there get’s you to heaven or buys you points with God. Jesus is all about your heart and having a very personal relationship with him every day, and not just Sundays at church. When we shared some truth and helped his misconceptions about what it means to be a Christian, he was really excited to learn more, and walk with Jesus so he rededicated his life to Jesus on the spot. He also didn’t understand anything about the Bible but after explaining to him the value and what was actually in there (not just a historic guide about Jesus as he thought) he started to get excited. We were happy that he got such a revelation in so short a time! Hoping we get to encourage and disciple him more in the future!

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