Brother Fisher and “they shall take up serpents”

One morning my wife called me up on the telephone and said the water-pipe beneath the house was broken. I went home about 10 in the morning. I opened the little door in the basement of the house and put in my hand to feel the pipe, and I was bitten by a serpent.

At once I commenced to swell. The poison worked into my body fast. What was I to do? I said, God your word says “they shall take up serpents.” I trust You for this, You must heal me Lord or I die!

That afternoon and evening my sufferings were terrible. By midnight my blood was so congealed I was well-nigh insensible. Oh, I shall never forget that sense of death creeping over me, steadily, surely, until three in the morning. I could pray no more. I ceased to struggle, I fell to the floor; in that instant God healed me. The life of God thrilled through my body, and I was instantly healed. It is true, “they shall take up serpents!”

John G Lake
Divine Healing
The Complete Collection of His Life Teaching p 625