John G Lake:
The Power of Divine Healing

One day, a gentleman came along and wanted to buy a paper. His arm was disabled, and he could not get his purse. He said to the boy, “I have put my purse in the wrong pocket. Put your hand in and get it for me.” The boy said, “what is the matter with your arm?”

He replied, “I have what is called neuritis. My arm is paralyzed.”

The little chap said, “well, if the doctors can’t do you any good, I’ll tell you where you can get it fixed up. There are some men up in the rookery building that pray, and folks get well.” The man said, “how do you know?”

He replied, “I used to take fits and fall on the street. I was epileptic and they would carry me off to the police station. I was like that for four years, but I don’t take fits anymore. If you want me to, I will take you up there.” So he brought him up.

He was the head of a great lumber company; his name was Rose. He sat down and told me how he was moved by the child’s simple words, but he had no more idea of how God could heal a man or save a man from sin. So we began to tell of the Lord Jesus and his power to save and continued to minister to him each day.

Three weeks afterward he returned again to the medical clinic, where 275 physicians had declared four weeks before that they could do nothing for him. They re-examined him and found him perfectly well, healed by the power of God. That is the power of divine healing.

I went to the medical Association and got a copy of the lecture that was given by Dr. Semple on that seriousness of the disease and the utter impossibility of medicine ever to help him or change his condition. In so far as they were concerned, he was a cripple. The nerves were dead, atrophied.

It would require a miracle, they said, to reproduce the original life and restore power in the tissue of that arm. But the miracle took place because there is a foundation of life, The life of God, available for every man. Bless his name! That is the power of divine healing.

When the life of Jesus comes in, the death of your soul ends. When the Spirit of God comes in, your dead nerves come alive. God, by the Spirit, takes possession of the blood and the brain and the bone. He dwells in the very cellular structure of your whole being.

His quickening life regenerates you and generates life in you and by the Christ of God you come forth, not a dead, senseless lobster, but a living man, a living Christian.