John G Lake on Healing

The struggle of the centuries has been to free the soul from narrow interpretations. Jesus has sometimes been made to appear as a little bigot; sometimes as an imposter. The world is still waiting to see him as he is. Jesus the magnificent, Jesus the giant, Jesus the compassionate, Jesus the dynamic-the wonder of the centuries.

Take the shackles off God.

Let him have a chance to bless mankind without limitations. As a missionary I have seen the healing of thousands of heathen. Thus was Christ’s love and compassion for the lost world revealed. And thus the writer was assisted into the larger vision of a world Redeemer whose hand and heart are extended to God’s big world and every man, saint, and sinner, is invited to behold and love Him…….

Healing is by degree, based on two conditions. First, the degree of healing virtue administered. Second, the degree of faith that gives action and power to the virtue administered.

The word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it.-Hebrews 4:2

The miracles of Jesus have been the battleground of the centuries. Men have devoted their lives and endeavored to break down Faith in miracles. More believe in miracles today than ever before.

Pseudo-science declares miracles impossible. Yet the biggest men in the scientific world are believers in the supernatural and know that miracles are the discovery, the utilization of which the material scientist knows nothing.

The miracle realm is man’s natural realm. He is by creation, the companion of the miracle-working God. Sin dethroned man from the miracle-working realm, but through Grace is coming into his own.

It’s been hard for us to grasp the principles of this life of faith. In the beginning, man’s spirit was the dominant force in the world. When he sinned, his mind became dominant; sin dethroned the spirit and crowned the intellect.

But Grace is restoring the spirit to its place of Dominion. When man comes to realize this, he will live in the realm of the supernatural without effort. No longer will faith be a struggle, but a normal living in the realm of God. The spiritual realm places man where communion with God is a normal experience. Miracles are then his native breath.

No one knows to what extent the mind and the spirit can be developed. We have been slow to come to a realization that man is a spirit and his spirit nature is his basic nature. We have sought to educate him along educational lines, utterly ignoring the spiritual, so man has become a self-centered, self-seeking being.

Man has lost his sense of relationship and responsibility toward God and man. This makes him lawless. We cannot ignore the spiritual side of man without magnifying the intellectual and the physical. To do this without the restraint of the Spirit is to unleash sin and give it dominance over the whole man. There must be a culture and development of the spiritual nature to a point where it can enjoy fellowship with the father God. It is a above mind, as God is above nature.

Man’s intellect is ever conscious of supernatural forces that he cannot understand. He senses the spirit realm and longs for its freedom and creative power, but cannot enter until changed from self and sin; the spirit enthroned and in action rather than the intellect – spirit above both mind and matter.

The life of God, the Spirit of God, the nature of God, are sufficient for every need of man. In the highest sense of the word, he is “real” Christian who’s body, soul, and spirit alike are filled with the life of God.

Healing in any department of nature, whether spirit, soul, or body is but a means to an end. The object of healing his health, abiding health of body, soul, and spirit. The healing of the spirit unites the spirit of man to God for ever. The healing of the soul corrects psychic disorder and brings the soul processes into harmony with the mind of God. And the healing of the body completes the union of man with God when the Holy Spirit possesses all.
John G. Lake

Is it true today God is abandoning the “virtue that went out of him and healed them all” for medical science? Would it not be abandoning the perfect for the imperfect?

From John G Lake: the complete collection of his life teachings
The ministry of healing and miracles
Pages 640- 642
Whitaker house publishing

Compiled by Roberts Liarden