How large was Smith Wigglworth’s Faith?

This is a short testimony of Smith Wigglesworth’s faith in action. I firmly believe as Christians, if we only dare to remove the barriers to what God can do through us when we have faith, we’ll begin to see greater miracles just like this testimony about old Smith. God bless him for his witness!!!

One day Wigglesworth was being shown around a farm by the owner, a dear friend. Visiting one field, he commented on the beauty of it. But his friend said, “it’s not what it looks. The whole field is ruined by blight.”

Wigglesworth lifted his heart to God. Faith flowed in, and he stretched out his hand over the field in the name of Jesus. The field was completely cleansed of blight and the entire crop was saved. In fact, that was the best crop his friend had ever had from any field!

From the book titled Smith Wigglesworth a man who walked with God by George Stormont