Has Pain and Suffering Left You Confused About Healing Miracles?

Are You confused about healing or doubt God’s will to heal us, based on your circumstances?

Have you ever said the following or heard someone say any of these?

* If God wanted me healed, He would have answered my prayers by now and healed me
* Healing is not for today and was only for the time of Jesus and the Apostles
* Healing is for others and not me
* What about all the fruit in my life from my suffering and sickness, ….God must want to use me in that way so He hasn’t healed me

I think most  of the church has believed such things for a long time now, but this amazing testimony should cause us all to rethink scriptural truths about healing. If we are honest, we have to admit like this woman, we’ve all been duped into believing a lot of lies about God and healing, based on our personal circumstances and not based on what Gods has promised! You can’t make this stuff up – God’s Kingdom is advancing, and stories like this are on the increase, so  let’s hop on that bus and start believing through the testimony of our blessed sister in this story. She confirms for me, it is most certainly God’s will to heal through the finished work of Jesus! Let’s do this together church, and crush the lie!

3 thoughts on “Has Pain and Suffering Left You Confused About Healing Miracles?

  1. I need a touch from the, LORD. What am I doing wrong???, I been dealing with this sciatica nerve that runs down the back of my legs like seemed pantyhose please pray for me I believe God I know God can and I know God will. When is my turned. God bless you. Keep me in prayer.

    • Hi Jenese,
      I suffered from pain in my body, almost every day for years. But as I began to trust in Him and believe, at first I would only see 1-2 days per month of being pain free. But I persisted in giving thanks for my healing and especially the days I was pain free. But then, over time the pain free days increased bit by bit and I began to have more good days than bad days. Today, several years later I have no more painful days so I am praying you also keep your eyes on believing and give thanks even if you only have a few good pain free minutes per day, it will increase as you give thanks a believe. Sometimes it’s instant other times it is gradual. Either case, remain in faith and always give thanks for what Jesus finished on the cross and truth will prevail. Legs and nerves be healed in Jesus name, Amen!

  2. Please God…heal my peroneal nerve to my foot too.Heal my drop foot…bring life in there.Because You love me,died for me and wants me without pain and pills.Thank You Almighty God.Nicoline from South Africa.

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