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Body parts restored by documented miracle Internal Physical Healing Miracle Healing Scott Levesque

Corey Gets Miraculously Healed by Jesus!

Man’s Shoulder Instantly Healed by Jesus!

We first prayed for the person riding with Cory who was on oxygen, and since she felt so much better, her driver Corey asked us if we would pray for his shoulder. It was at level 11 pain on a scale of 1-10! Within about a minute, he was healed so we took his testimony for Jesus.

Body parts restored by documented miracle Bones healed by prayer miracle CBN Healing Testamony Heaven or Hell encounter Holy Spirit Internal Physical Healing Miracle Healing Paralyzed documented miracles

Bruce Van Natta Testimony: Angels help man crushed by 10,000 lb truck

Bruce Van Natta Should Have Died in Minutes, with a Crushed Spine, 5 Severed Arteries, Small Intestines Destroyed and little hopes of survival…..
But God restored all these through one of the most amazing miracles you will ever hear!!

I posted this back in 2013 but it ‘a worth reposting for those of you who missed it!
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Bethel Church Bill Johnson Body parts restored by documented miracle Documented Chronic Sickness Healed Internal Physical Healing Miracle Healing Randy Clark

Has Pain and Suffering Left You Confused About Healing Miracles?

Are You confused about healing or doubt God’s will to heal us, based on your circumstances?

Have you ever said the following or heard someone say any of these?

* If God wanted me healed, He would have answered my prayers by now and healed me
* Healing is not for today and was only for the time of Jesus and the Apostles
* Healing is for others and not me
* What about all the fruit in my life from my suffering and sickness, ….God must want to use me in that way so He hasn’t healed me

I think most  of the church has believed such things for a long time now, but this amazing testimony should cause us all to rethink scriptural truths about healing. If we are honest, we have to admit like this woman, we’ve all been duped into believing a lot of lies about God and healing, based on our personal circumstances and not based on what Gods has promised! You can’t make this stuff up – God’s Kingdom is advancing, and stories like this are on the increase, so  let’s hop on that bus and start believing through the testimony of our blessed sister in this story. She confirms for me, it is most certainly God’s will to heal through the finished work of Jesus! Let’s do this together church, and crush the lie!

Body parts restored by documented miracle Bones healed by prayer miracle Internal Physical Healing Miracle Healing

Healing Testimonies from Boston!

Healing Testimonies in Boston from my new friend Trip Nine!

It’s amazing how the body of Christ is connecting believers everywhere in the church. I came upon this great video after attending a men’s event and re-connecting with my old friend (Russ Shiebler) from high school who leads a large men’s ministry in NH. Two days later he put me in touch with one of his friends who has a heart for laying hands on the sick and sharing the Gospel and the love of God.

Trip and a few of his friends, recorded these healing testimonies in my back yard, Boston back in April. I’m so excited to find a new local friend that I hit the streets with, laying hands on the sick and sharing the good news!!!

….just like Jesus, as written in Luke 40 “While the sun was setting, all those who had any who were sick with various diseases brought them to Him; and laying His hands on each one of them, He was healing them.” Amen!!!

Bones healed by prayer miracle Internal Physical Healing Miracle Healing The Last Reformation Torben Søndergaard

Two amazing healing testimonies from Sweden!

Torben Sondergaard Healing Testimonies from Sweeden

Watch the amazement and their faces as these two women are healed by Jesus right at the mall! Torben Sondergaard is teaching them how to build faith and “lay hands” on the sick.

The healing doesn’t come from us, but from the love of God and the work Jesus did on the cross, through the power of the Holy Spirit in us….all three working as one, within His sons and daughters… Christians!

Last comment he made is worth hear and remembering….”we don’t live by feeling, we live by the word of God” ….. I say AMEN, let’s walk by faith not by sight!

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Holy Spirit Miracle Healing Salvation

Rescued from the pit!

Broken life filled with despair, saved by God!

Tracy Judkins’ life was at the climax of despair and hopelessness, …drug addictions, violence, and lost custody of her son, finally found her in prison where she cried out to a God she never knew and wasn’t sure existed, but then He showed up and Jesus rescued her life….. She now lives for Him!

Watch this touching testimony of one woman’s battle overcome by the love of God!

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Body parts restored by documented miracle Bones healed by prayer miracle CBN Healing Testamony Internal Physical Healing Miracle Healing

A Christmas Eve Miracle Restores A Crippled Life- Never give up Hope!

A Christmas Eve Miracle Restores A Crippled Life

Ema McKinley was injured in work accident and for almost 20 years, and lived in a wheelchair. She lived in constant pain until a Christmas Eve miracle changed her life forever. Never give up hope, never stop believing! God is so good!

Body parts restored by documented miracle Cancer Medical Miracle Healing Documented Chronic Sickness Healed Internal Physical Healing John G Lake Miracle Healing

John G Lake Testimony: Tumor Dissolves Overnight

From the book Spiritual Hunger and other sermons by: John G. Lake.

“…Recently a dear woman was present in our meeting with a tumor that her physicians had believed to be an unborn child. The physicians had been fooled by a movement which they had considered similar to life movement. They believed the woman would become a mother, until the normal time of pregnancy had long passed. She came with her nurse to the healing rooms and old me her symptoms. She was the first one to be prayed for at the close of the service.

“When I awoke this morning I was perfectly normal.”

The next day she returned and said, “Mr. Lake, I want you to see me. I have my corset on. I am perfectly normal. When I went to bed I was not aware that anything had taken place, except that the choking had ceased and I felt comfortable, but I was not aware of any decreasing in my size. When I awoke this morning I was perfectly normal.” I said, “How did the tumor disappear? Was it in the form of a liquid?” She said, “No, nothing came from my person.” Where did a great tumor like that go? What happened to it? The living Spirit of God absolutely dematerialized the tumor and the process was accomplished in one night while the woman slept. That is one of God’s methods of surgical operations, isn’t it?”
YES, Yes it is. Praise God.

Bethel Church Bill Johnson Documented Chronic Sickness Healed Internal Physical Healing Miracle Healing

Healed of Crohn’s Disease by Jesus, after Suffering for 17 years

Healed of Crohn’s Disease!
She Had Crohn’s disease for 17 years and was taking 20 pills a day, but then learned the truth about God’s will to heal us (Isaiah 53:4-5) and was set free, when hearing Bill Johnson speak of God’s amazing love!

Body parts restored by documented miracle Bones healed by prayer miracle Documented Chronic Sickness Healed Internal Physical Healing Miracle Healing

Crippled boy is healed on camera by Jesus! (Don’t miss this one!)

Crippled Boy Healed By the Power Of God: Dave Roberson Ministries

Oh my goodness and WOW!….don’t miss this heartfelt display of the compassion and love of Jesus Himself, as it first falls on Dave Roberson who was moved by the Holy Spirit to call him forward for Jesus to heal him. Absolutely amazing as you can hear crying throughout the congregation in a celebration of healing! Get your tissues out for this one!

Body parts restored by documented miracle Bones healed by prayer miracle Internal Physical Healing Miracle Healing

Old Time Miracles from Charles Hunter

Watch these old film clips of amazing miracles through Jesus. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow!
Vietnam Veteran healed hip, shoulder blade, and lower back vertebra….Amen!

Romans 4:17… the God who makes the dead alive and summons the things that do not yet exist as though they already do

Body parts restored by documented miracle Documented Chronic Sickness Healed Internal Physical Healing John G Lake Miracle Healing Paralyzed documented miracles

John G Lake: Healing Testimony of Grover Ridson

JOHN G. LAKE Healing:
The Church at Spokane
Sept 29, 1918

In Paul’s MATCHLESS defense before Agrippa, the governor, he exclaimed: “Why should it be thought a thing impossible that God should raise the DEAD?”

His knowledge of God and the conscious almightiness of the Holy Spirit’s power was so real in him that doubt had disappeared and limiting of God had ceased.

The modern world has not yet acquired that unlimited spirit of faith in God. But here and there throughout the world we see a soul coming to maturity in faith. They have an advanced vision. They declare a possibility. They demonstrate a superiority of faith. They manifest a greater measure of Spiritual power.

John Knox prayed for a nation and received an answer. He prayed “Give me Scotland or I die.” He saw Scotland renewed in the life of God.

Martin Luther prayed for his friend, David Melanthon, when he was dying, and God healed him.

St. Patrick of Ireland, a man of apostolic power, prayed for the deliverance of Ireland from Druid worship and the banishment of snakes that then invested the island and destroyed many lives. Druidism gave place to Christianity. The snakes disappeared and have never returned and a testimony of the power of prayer, and faith in God was established in the character of the people of Ireland.

John Wesley, the found of Methodism, prayed not only for the healing and salvation of men and received the answer, but also for his lame horse, and the horse was instantly healed.

Rev. Lake and his associates prayed for Grover Ridson of 914 Rockwell avenue, Spokane, and God performed one of the most remarkable miracles of healing that is known to history. When Baby Grover was born, he was found to have a closed head; the opening in the top of the head that permits the skull to expand was closed. The brain grew, forcing the skull UPWARD THREE INCHES, like the ridge of a house roof. The forehead was forced upward in the same manner and the back of the head likewise.

The pressure on the brain caused paralysis of the right side and leg, also the foot. the CHILD WAS DUMB, and could not speak.

Medical science could give no relief or offer a cure.

Surgical science said: Wait unitll he is 10 ears old then we will cut the skull into eight sections and put a plate over his head to cover the brain.

Surgeons frankly said: “We fear such an operation may destroy his life, but it is his only chance.”

Then the parents in distress turned to the church and pastors, but they told them, “God does not hear prayer for healing now; that was to prove to the people in Jesus’ day that He was divine.”

The father said: “If he healed my stricken son it would prove to ME that He is DIVINE NOW.”

Then hope came. The mother (who was severely afflicted came to Rev Lake’s Healing Rooms and was Healed. FAITH GREW. Her daughter Alice was partially blind, and could only see by the use of the most powerful glasses. She was stricken with appendicitis. When suffering tortures, his hands were laid upon her in Jesus’ name, and she was healed .

Then Grover was brought to the Healing Rooms. As Rev. Lake ministered to him the second time the paralysis was destroyed. He could walk like other children. Then the head began to come down and expand normally in a short time he could speak like other six-year-old children.

God’s work is perfect. He is wholly well. And the boy, his parents, his family, the neighborhood, the city of Spokane, and the world is better because Jesus Christ was honored as savior and healer still.
(Original News Article Here🙂

Bethel Church Bill Johnson Body parts restored by documented miracle Deafness healed Internal Physical Healing Miracle Healing

Lifetime Hearing Loss Fully Restored Through Prayer by Jesus!

Bethel Healing Rooms: David Thorn, Hearing Restored, Hearing Aids Removed!
Watch this heart felt testimony of a young father who describes receiving the gift of hearing from Jesus in the Healing Rooms at Bethel Church in Redding CA. He can hear the sounds and voices of his children like never before! Yay God

Miracle Healing

John G Lake: How I Came to Devote my Life to Ministry

REV. JOHN G. LAKE: How I Came to Devote My Life to the Ministry of Healing

No one could understand the tremendous hold that the revelation of Jesus as a present day healer took on my life, and what it meant to me, unless they understood my environment.

I was on of sixteen children.  Our parents were strong, vigorous, healthy people.  My mother died at the age of seventy-five, and my father still lives and is seventy-seven.

Before my knowledge and experience of the Lord as our healer we buried eight members of the family.  A strange train of sickness, resulting in death, had followed the family, and for thirty-two years some member of the family was an invalid.  The home was never without the shadow of sickness during all this long period.  When I think back over my boyhood and young manhood there comes to my mid remembrances like a nightmare of sickness, doctors, nurses, hospitals, hearses, funerals, graveyards and tombstones, a sorrowing household, broken hearted mother and grief-stricken father, struggling to forget the sorrows of the past in order to assist the living members of the family, who needed their love and care.

At the time Christ was revealed to us as our healer my brother, who had been an invalid for twenty-two years, and upon whom father had spent a fortune for unavailing medical assistance, was dying.  He bled incessantly from his kidneys, and was kept alive through assimilation of blood-creating foods almost as fast as it flowed from his person.  I’ve never known any other man to suffer so extremely and so long as he did.

A sister, thirty-four years of age, was then dying with five cancers in her left breast, having been operated on five times at Harper’s hospital, Detroit Mich., by Dr. Karstens, a German surgeon of repute, and turned away to die.  There ws a large core cancer, and after the operations four other heads developed–five inall.

Another sister lay dying of an issue of blood.  Gradually day by day her life blood flowed away until she was in the very throes of death.

I had married and established my own home.  Very soon after our marriage the same train of conditions that had followed my father’s family appeared in mine.  My wife became an invalid form heart disease and tuberculosis.  She would lose her heart action and lapse into unconsciousness.  Sometimes I would find her lying unconscious on the floor, having been suddenly stricken, sometimes in her bed.  Stronger and stronger stimulants became necessary in order to revive the action of the heart, until finally we were using nitro-glycerine tablets i a final heroic effort to stimulate heart action.  After these heart spells she would remain in a semi-paralytic state for weeks, the result of over-stimulation, the physcians said.

But in the midst of the deepest darkness, when baffled physicians stood back and acknowledged their inability to help, when the could fo darkness and death was again hovering over the family, suddenly the light of God broke through into our soul, through the message of one Godly minister, great enough and true enough to God to proclaim the whole truth of God.

We took our brother who was dying to a Healing Home in Chicago.  Prayer was offered for him, with the laying on of hands, and he received an instant healing.  He arose from his dying cot and walked four miles, returned to his home and too, a partnership in our father’s business, a well man.

Great joy and a marvelous hope sprang up in our hearts.  A real manifestation of the healing power of God was before us.  Quickly we arranged to take our sister with her five cancers to the same healing home, carrying her on a stretcher.  She was taken into the healing meeting.  Within her soul she said, “Others may be healed because they are good.  I have not been a true Christian like others.  They may be healed because of their goodness, but I fear healing is not for me.”  It seemed more than her soul could grasp.

After listening from her cot to the preaching and teaching of the Word of God on healing through Jesus Christ, hope sprang up in her soul.  She was prayed for and hands laid on her.  As the prayer of faith arose to God, the power of God descended upon her, thrilling her being.  Her pain instantly vanished.  The swelling disappeared gradually.  The large core cancer turned black, and in a few days fell out.  The smaller ones disappeared.  The mutilated breast began to regrow and became a perfect breast again.

How our hearts thrilled!  Words can not tell this story.  A new faith sprang up within us.  If God could heal our dying brother and our dying sister, and cause cancers to disappear, He could heal anything or anybody.

Our sister with the issue of blood began to look to God for her healing.  Herself and husband were devout Christians, but though they prayed for a time, prayer seemed unanswered, until one night I received a telephone call saying that if I wished to see her in life I must come to her bedside at once.  On arriving I found that death was already upon her.  She had passed into unconsciousness.  The body was cold.  No pulsation was discernible.  Our parents knelt by her bedside weeping, and her husband knelt at the foot of the bed in sorrow.  Her baby lay in his crib.

A great cry to God, such as had never come from my soul before, went up to God.  She must not die.  She could not die.  I would not have it.  Had not Christ died for her?  Had not God’s healing power been manifested for the others, and should she not likewise be healed?

No words of mine could convey to another soul the cry that was in my heart, and the flame of hatred for death and sickness that the Spirit of God stirred within me.  The very wrath of God seemed to possess my heart.  We called on God, after telephoning and telegraphing believing friends for assistance in prayer.  I rebuked the power of death in the name of Jesus Christ.  In less than an hour we rejoiced to see evidence of returning life.  She was thoroughly healed, and five days later she came to father’s home and joined the family at a Christmas dinner.

My wife, who had been slowly dying for years, and suffering untold agonies, was the last of the four to receive God’s healing touch.  But, oh, ere God’s power came upon her I realized as I never had before the character of consecration God was asking, and that a Christ should give to God.  Day by day death silently stole over her, until the final hours had come.  A brother minister was present.  He went and stood by her bedside, and returning to me with tears in his eyes, said, “Come and walk.”  And together we strolled out into the moonlight.  He said to me: “Brother Lake, be reconciled to the will of God,” meaning by that as most all ministers do, “Be reconciled to let your wife die.”  I thought of my babies.  I thought of her whom I loved as my own soul, and a flame burned in my heart.  I felt as if God had been insulted by such a suggestion.  Yet I had many things to learn.

In the midst of my soul storm I returned to my home, picked my Bible from the mantel piece, threw it on the table.  And if ever God caused a man’s Bible to open to a message that his soul needed, surely He did then for me.  The Book opened at the tenth chapter of Acts, and my eyes fell on the thirty-eight verse, which read: “Jesus Christ, anointed by God of the Holy Ghost, who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the DEVIL; for God was with him.”

Like a flash from the blue these words pierced my heart.  “Oppressed of the devil!”  Then God was not the author of sickness, and the people whom Jesus healed had not been made sick by God!  Hastily taking a reference to another portion of the Word, I read again from the words of Jesus in Luke 13: “Ought not this woman * * * whom SATAN HATH BOUND, lo, these eighteen years, be loosed from this bond?”  Once again Jesus attributed sickness to the devil.  What a faith sprang up in my heart, and what a flame of intelligence concerning the Word of God and the ministry of Jesus went over my soul.  I saw as never before why Jesus healed the sick.  He was doing the will of His Father, and in doing his Father’s will was destroying the works of the devil.  (Heb. 2:14)

In my soul I said, This work of the devil, this destruction of my wife’s life, in the name of Jesus Christ shall cease, for Christ died and Himself took our infirmities and bear our sicknesses.

We decided on 9:30 a. m. as an hour when prayer should be offered for her recovers, and again I telephoned and telegraphed friends to join me in prayer at that hour.  At 9:30 I knelt at her dying bed and called on the living God.  The power of God came upon her, thrilling her from head to foot.  Her paralysis was gone, her heart became normal, her cough ceased, her breathing was regular, her temperature was normal.  The power of God was flowing through her person, seemingly like blood flows through the veins.  When I prayed I heard a sound from her lips.  Not the sound of a ????? as formerly, but now a strong, ????? voice, and she cried out, Praise God, I am healed!”  With that ????? caught the bed-clothing, threw them back from her, and in a moment was out on the floor.

What a day!  Will I ever forget it, when the power of God thrilled our souls, and the joy of God possessed our hearts at her recovery!

The news spread throughout the city and the state and the nation.  The newspapers discussed it.  Our home became a center of inquiry.  People traveled for great distances to see her and to talk with her.  She was flooded with letters of inquiry.

A great new light had dawned in our soul.  Our church had diligently taught us that the day of miracles were passed.  Believing thus, eight members of the family had been permitted to die.  But now, with the light of truth flashing in our hearts, we saw that such teaching was a lie, no doubt invented by the devil, and diligently heralded as truth by the church, thus robbing mankind of it’s rightful inheritance through the blood of Jesus.

Others came to our home.  They said: “Since God has healed you, surely He will heal us.  Pray for us.”  We were forced into it.  God answered, and many were healed.  Many years have passed since then, but no day has gone by in which God has not answered prayer.  People have been healed, not by ones and twos, nor by hundreds, or even thousands, but by tens of thousands.  For I have devoted my life, day and night, to this ministry.

In due time God called me to South Africa, where I witnessed such a manifestation of the healing power of God as perhaps the world has not seen since the days of the apostles.  Christian men were baptized in the Holy Ghost and ????? forth in the mighty power of God, proclaiming the name of Jesus, laying their hands on the sick, and they were healed.  Sinners, witnessing these evidences of the power of God, cried out in gladness, and gave themselves to the service of God, like as it was in the days of Jesus, “there was great joy in that city,” and that nation.

Finally, God brought me to Spokane, where we have ministered to from two hundred to five hundred sick per week.  The city is filled with the praises of God because of the blessed manifestation of God’s healing power everywhere.  People have come from one ????? thousand miles for healing.  Some have written letters, other have telegraphed, and some have cabled from half way around the world, for prayer, and God has graciously answered.  Ministers and churches throughout the land have seen that, though the church has taught that the days of miracles only belonged to the times of the apostles, the statement was a falsehood, and that the healing power of God is as available to the honest soul today as it was in the days of Christ on the earth, and that the “gifts and callings of God are without repentance,” and that Jesus is the Healer still.

The Spokesman Review, Sunday, March 3, 1918

The Church at Spokane


Ministrations for the sick at your home if necessary.  Telephone Main 1463.


Ministration by prayer and laying on of hands every weed day from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m.   Personal ministration and private interviews.

Tel. Main 1463.

The Church Services



Sunday School, 9:30 a. m.

Church Service, 11 a. m.

Divine Healing, Preaching and Demonstration Meeting, 3 p. m.

Services a the Healing Rooms, Rookery Bldg., 3d floor.

TUESDAY, 8 p. m., Bible Study, Rev. Joseph Osborne.

WEDNESDAY, 8 p. m., Teaching on Divine Healing, Rev. Chas. J. Westwood.

THURSDAY, 2:30 p. m., Divine Healing, Teaching and Testimony Meeting, ,Rev. J. G. Lake.

FRIDAY, 8 p. m., Spiritual Life Lecture, Rev. John G. Lake.

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Documented Chronic Sickness Healed Internal Physical Healing Miracle Healing

Woman Healed of Parkinson’s Disease by God

Watch this great testimony of a woman healed of Parkinson’s disease by God! It’s a great example of someone in persistent prayer like the parable of the “widow and the unfair judge” from Luke 18:1-8
Then Jesus told them a parable to show them they should always pray and not lose heart. He said, “In a certain city there was a judge who neither feared God nor respected people. There was also a widow in that city who kept coming to him and saying, ‘Give me justice against my adversary.’ For a while he refused, but later on he said to himself, ‘Though I neither fear God nor have regard for people, yet because this widow keeps on bothering me, I will give her justice, or in the end she will wear me out by her unending pleas.’” And the Lord said, “Listen to what the unrighteous judge says! Won’t God give justice to his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he delay long to help them? I tell you, he will give them justice speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”

Body parts restored by documented miracle Bones healed by prayer miracle Internal Physical Healing Miracle Healing

Boy Falls Out a Window and Receives a Miracle Healing

Boy Falls Out a Window and Receives a Miracle Healing
Watch this testimony as a boy with a life threatening concussion is completely healed after mom and dad declare God’s promises and see their son miraculously healed overnight!
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