Outrageous Miracle: Man’s Leg Grows 4″ on Camera!

I posted this once before in the past but it’s so crazy that it’s worth showing again. This miracle will bend your mind for sure! Pete apologizes for being so immature doing this but you have to admit it’s pretty amazing. Most folks may not believe it’s real, but I know Pete’s heart and I know he’s the real deal.

Honestly if we can believe the amazing Miracles of Moses, and the thousands of amazing Miracles of Jesus, and the Miracles of the Apostles from the first century Church, and the thousands of miracles from Smith Wigglesworth and John G Lake at the turn of the last century in 1900, then is this really so hard for us as “believers” to believe this one? Personally, I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing many more miracles greater than this, especially during this new season of “signs and wonders” for the church. After all, God has an amazing plan of restoration for the church and the world, and Jesus is Lord over all! Amen?

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