This is a powerful teaching from Jentezen Franklin on why we should all desire the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

It’s been too long that many of us in the church have misunderstood, feared, neglected, or even refused to hear and teach on what scripture says about the immersion (Baptism) of the Holy Spirit. But I assure you, God does not include such things in His word, if it’s not important to Him that all believers then and now should know the truth.

If you like I, struggled to to understand this topic because of misunderstandings or what you have been taught on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues, then please watch this video by Jenetzen Franklin to hear what scripture teaches on this topic.

Besides my initial conversion to Christianity back in 1991, this alone has been the most life transforming gift I have ever received and has resulted in a walk with the Lord like I never imagined possible. My advice, … it with ALL your heart – ASK Him for it, pray for it and watch your life become transformed by the power!

May God bless you!
Scott & Laury

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