Jesus shows himself strong!

God is moving in mighty ways to show himself strong with the homeless and the poor. Hallelujah!! Over the past three months we’ve prayed for about 6 different people or families who were in need of a place to live and a job, and God responded within 1-10 days when each got a new job and a place to live! One family got both a place to live, and a car given to them the very next day after we prayed in faith, and then a new job one week later! In each case, the person came back to us 1-2 weeks later to give us the testimony of how God had answered their needs. When we pray for such things, we always declare that the signs will come so fast, there would be no doubt it was the hand of Jesus answering the prayer! And each time it happens, everyone is astonished and deeply moved by God’s love for them! You can see that there is a new hope restored and a strengthened relationship with Jesus.

When miracles and signs like this happen, the temptation is to start thinking it was the prayer, or the method that got a result, or that God is like a “genie in a bottle” waiting to serve our every need. The truth is, Jesus has great compassion for the lost, the sick, and the poor, and He is always looking for places to show himself strong, to advance His Kingdom on earth. Scripture says His eyes look to and fro throughout the earth to show himself strong on behalf of them whose heart are completely committed toward Him.

Jesus is looking for followers to take his love to the streets and just believe that He really can change lives – scripture says signs and miracles will follow those who believe. These are signs sent to confirm His Word! Jesus wants to heal the sick, mend broken hearts, and restore hope to the lost! He is the way, the truth and the life! The Gospel is so simple if we just believe His Word!

Glory to God!