May 23rd 2015 – Prayers and declarations of life pull man out of a coma in Lowell MA!!!

Our prayer team with friends Garth, his boys, Janice, Bethany, Yvonne, my wife Laury and I, all hit the streets on Saturday to pray for and minister to the sick and we each saw many people healed but this testimony rocked the Kingdom!

We came across a woman in the park sitting alone. Janice asked if she need prayer so she spoke with her a bit, then prayed for and blessed the woman named Zulma. As she prayed, our other friend Yvonne felt The Lord had a special message for Zulma so she approached and also began speaking with her – this is what happened in Yvonne’s words:

“I saw this lady sitting putting on makeup and wondered to myself….why is she putting on makeup. Bethany looked over and said “Yvonne go, she needs you”. I felt the Holy Spirit telling me, yup that’s the person God told me I was to speak with today with a word of encouragement, but I hesitated. With a few promptings I went…..

Zulma went on to say she had lost her faith and only recently got some back because of her sister. She goes on to say that she was in the park because she had wanted to go sit alone for a bit because her and her family were going to a meeting at the hospital that day, to “pull the plug” on her brother who was in a coma.

As she said that my faith started to rise and I told her that her brother will live and not die. I prayed that God would send ministering angels to him while in the coma. I declared her brother would come out of the coma as a brand new person and that her faith, her family, and her life would not be the same from such a miracle.

We were there for maybe 40 minutes. We all prayed for her brother. I read 1 Cor 13 to her and then played a song. Then we hugged her and we all went on our way.

A few hours later we were heading back to the car. She saw us at about 4:15. She yelled to me and said…two hours ago my brother woke up!”

He awoke at almost the exact time of the prayers- wow, that’s faith in action!!!

This is the testimony- God is so good….Jesus is Lord over all!!!