May 3rd Boston Walk for Hunger – Teens Get Healed!

Our prayer team went to Boston Common to show the Love of Jesus and pray for the sick and homeless. We had just spent about an hour attending to a homeless woman who got healed of pain and delivered from a spirit of hopelessness and suicide, when two young women walked into Burger King badly limping. I asked if they were in pain (which was pretty obvious) and they explained that they had just finished the 20 mile annual “Walk for Hunger”. I said “let my wife and our friend Gbemi lay hands on you and pray so we can watch Jesus take away your pain” They said that they were Christians and believed in healing and said sure go ahead. One quick command for the pain to leave in the name of Jesus and all pain left both of the walkers.

They were pretty amazed and excited and caused a little commotion. They then went back to their table and shared what happened with two other walkers who were also in terrible pain. The two others quickly got up and sheepishly come over to us. I asked if they were also in pain and would like prayer and “YES” was the answer- so Laury and Gbemi each layed hands on these two girls and commanded the pain to go, and the pain was instantly gone – one girl was so excited that she put her hand over he mouth and started screaming so loud that the entire restaurant was looking at what happened! We just smiled and said they were healed by Jesus 🙂

Two other women got healed in Burger King while we were there: One had a cane with a bad knee, arthritis wracking her body, and Fibromyalgia. Her knee got healed, and all her pain in her body left and she proceeded to walk out without her cane! Jesus is so awesome!

After that we went out to the Boston Common and encountered about 20 more people in groups of 1-3 who were also limping and in extreme pain from the walk. Over about a period of one hour, every person prayed for got instantly healed from pain by Jesus! It was so much fun and a bit like popcorn exploding all over the park as each got healed by different team members.

It was so cool watching all the reactions from the teens we prayed for- one young man said he’d been in church his entire life and never seen anything like this (nor did I up until 4 years ago) another young woman was so moved, that she started to weep after Jesus took her pain away. It was an awesome day in the Lord! Yay! God