Foot Pain Gets Healed and Man Walks Without Pain

My wife Laury and I along with our friends Bethany, Janice, Yvonne, Garth and sons Adriel and Garret came across this gentleman on the streets of Lowell who was in a wheelchair scooter. We talked with him and he said he had extreme pain in his feet from a birth defect. We asked what level of pain out of 10 and he said 20! We first offered to pray and he insisted that this was his condition and he always lived with severe pain every day. It took a few minutes for him to take us seriously and I think we finally said something like “what do you have to lose anyway?”2015-04-18 14.20.33

His pain instantly went from a 20 to an 8, then a 4, then 1, then a zero within 60 seconds. Garth then told him to get up and check the pain, so he stood up and said he had some new pain in the bottom of his feet. If I remember correctly, I think he said that pain on the bottom of his feet will never leave either. We challenged him saying if all the other pain left, why wouldn’t you think Jesus could remove the rest? We pressed in and prayed twice more and all that pain was gone in about 10 seconds as well! Praise Jesus – He is Lord!

We ministered on the streets for several more hours that day and saw many such healing testimonies, but later in the day we happened to see the same man outside WITHOUT his scooter! Yay God!!!!