Restored From Massive Stroke: Full Medically Documented Healing Miracle

This is an amazing Medical Miracle story of God’s Power to heal that you don’t want to miss!

Many people say that God’s healing power is not real because many Miracles lack medical proof. As we have seen, often healing miracles go undocumented simply because many times, the person healed no longer needs medical treatment or confirmation from a Doctor to realize they can walk again, or that all their pain is now gone from a past injury. At that point, they/we are often so happy that they/we are healed, they/we don’t feel the need to spend a couple hundred dollars for a doctor just to tell them what they already know (they/we have been healed).

Let’s be honest, would you really need a doctor to tell you what you already know and see? In the case of a terminal disease, yes of course we would want confirmation, and there are many, many miracles of such cases documented around the globe, yet I’m amazed that I still hear people saying there is “no proof” of healing today. It’s almost as if some people won’t believe no matter what proof is provided. If you are one of those folks, you should enjoy this testimony about Allen and Debbie Moore – It’s a great testimony to share!

You can also see the full story here:

36 thoughts on “Restored From Massive Stroke: Full Medically Documented Healing Miracle

  1. On Jan.7 my husband, Steve, had a severe right cerebral stroke. He has been in therapy for 3 1/2 months. He still is severely affected in speech, reading and writing and his whole right side. I am believing for the manifestation of his healing. Please pray for him. Thank you.

    • Father I pray for Steve, for total restoration of his functions of speech, reading, and writing just as you have answered my prayers for two others healed if brain conditions. I thank you that you are a God of restoration, who loves your sons and daughters, and desires us to pour out your love through prayers and the laying of hands, where In the mighty name of Jesus, your spirit will heal Steve as Debra lays her hands upon him, he shall be completely healed. Jesus said, because you have faith and believe, your son is healed…. In your case he is saying, because of your faith, your husband is healed. I have seen dementia and Alzheimer’s healed and I also stand with you in your faith. Jesus is Lord!

      • I had some sort of attack 8 months ago and I am slowly recovering. At first I stayed in my bedroom 24/7 and felt as if God had left me. I lost all positive emotions. Praying and reading the Bible became almost impossible. All I could do was hold onto John 3:16 every minute of the day to keep Satan’s lies at bay. Sometimes the only thing that kept me going was that I could see 3:16 on the clock every 12 hours. I knew God had never left me nor forsook me. At 3:16 on my son Isaiah’s birthday last week the brain fog and confusion lifted enough to cry! This lead to finally being motivated enough to go get an MRI done today. Praise God! I could use all the prayer I can get. Please pray for my family as they have had to deal with my drastic behavior changes through all this. Thanks so much. May God bless everyone who reads this.

    • Debra you are not alone. We are praying withand for you and steve

      I too duffered from mildright cerebral artery stroke last june14 which eft my left hand numb may I I also ask that you invlude mee in your prayers. Thank you., Neil

  2. My mom just had a stroke 2 weeks ago. She is 58 years old. She cannot use her left side and doctors have found out she is diabetic, there are a couple things wrong with her heart and now an infection in her bowels. We need a miracle. I am believe we are living in the times of signs, wonders and miracles. And I want her to rise out of that bed totally restored! Thank you for your prayers, Beth C.

  3. Asking for prayers for my grandma who suffered stroke and in advanced stage drmentia. Puréed diet only and has axphixiated. Thank you in advance.

  4. My father suffered from a major seizure on the 14th June 2015. He suffered more seizures in hospital and now has brain damage on both sides of the brain and in the front and back. He opens his eyes when he hears his 8 children call for him. He doesn’t seem to focus, but we know and feel that he hears us and is fighting. He is a child of God and serves him always. Today we were informed by the doctor that because he is still in a coma after 2 weeks, he may not ever wake up fully and could stay how is is. WE DO NOT BELIVE THAT, we believe in the ALMIGHTY and know our father is such a strong man who believes in God. We need a miracle and we need God to sign his light on our father and spare him. I am seeking for continuous prayer and belief over my father and I know doctors are not always right. They will not write my strong, good, caring father off. I am contacting from London, England and ask that everyone from different places in the world prayer for the healing of my father to wake up fully In Jesus Name. Thank you all and God bless you.

  5. This is an awesome testament to our God! My son was 13, 6-20-2014 . Being a normal healthy child played soccer no illness ever other than cold and seasonal allergies. Friday June 20th changed our lives change forever He had a major stroke on the right side on his brain with a brain bleed brainstem injury and cervix 4-5 slightly damaged. We were in ICU for 2.5 months and rehab for 4. In the hospital altogether 6 months. The 3rd day the doctors told us call family friends clergy he is not going to make it. I got angry and not sad I was disappointed that they gave up on him. My husband and I told the doctors we knew they had to do their part but we serve A God that could do anything. And for the next two months it was spiritual warfare. When Jay came out of the coma he told me he met Jesus and was getting his assignment. Right now he is in a wheel chair and he has a trache tube in his throat plus gtube that we feed him through by way of the stomach. We are believing God will remove those things that are not natural to the body and that He will fully restore His walking because we know the Lords report That by Jesus and His stripes he is healed of ever affliction. We give God Glory!

    • Our daughter had a stroke post surgery for a brain tumour, she walked into the hospital, full of life18 months ago. We have been home almost a year but she is immobile, unable to communicate and has a trach, feb by g-tlube. My heart and prayers go to to you and your family, I know what you are goin through.

  6. My dad just had a stroke Wednesday morning! I pray that the greatest physician and healer heals my dad Bob Sullivan ! He’s a loving father and husband and needs the Holy Spirit to Live with him ! I pray that his swelling goes down and that he is able to breath on his own tomorrow ! My family and I need him in our life . I’m going to be strong and have faith that will he will recover from this stroke . Please Lord heal my dad and please pray for him

  7. Please join me in prayers for my Dad, he is 61 years old, he had an acute headache 21:11:2015 which raised the blood pressure up, it was crashed down and my dad was dumb for 2 days on 24:11:15 my dad had a seizure and still was having acute headache, the physician advised he go for ct scan, it is now discovered that my dad has “acute right cerebral stroke” he is all I and my siblings have got, my mum died 7 years ago. I believe the great healer will heal my dad. Please join me in prayers for Mr Isaac Agam.

    • Heavenly Father,
      I bring Isaac Agam before you. I speak in the name of Jesus, Isaac be healed in Jesus name.
      I claim the precious blood of Jesus over his life and speak total healing and health in Isaac’s body.
      For I am fully persuaded that what God has promised he is also able to perform.
      Thank you Heavenly Father for healing his brain. Thank you for total restoration. Amen.


  8. My GOD whom I serve and whom I love, to my best friend JESUS whom I always depend upon, to the HOLY SPIRIT who whispers God’s leading, please forgive for all my shortcomings. I pray that You miraculously heal from small vessel disease/stroke which gives me severe fatigue and memory decline. Remove my nervousness and anxiety. I am less functional now and I want to raise my three children in the right way that God wants me to do. I don’t have to be taken cared of by my children at their young age. My husband needs me in HIs ministry and work. Please, have mercy Lord.I do not know what to do more. I have several doctors, yet no medicines seem to help me. Please, heal me Lord Jesus for your glory and for my family.

  9. Please help me pray for my mom she had a stroke yesterday and I do not know what to do. I feel lost and helpless but I am still believing that with god all things are possible.

  10. Please PRAY for my daughter Elise, only 12 and had a stroke Monday on left side of brain. Her right hand and leg, her face need healing from the effects. I am trusting God for a full recovery.

    • God has healed your daughter. It may look bleak but stand on God’s promises. Get healing messages and play to her and never confess negative. We will rejoice together

  11. My dad just had a stroke currently in icu on ventilator. His breathing nerve might has been impacted and so its getting hard for him to come out of ventilator. Please pray for him that he comes out of ventilator and also his body work normally as before. Thank you

    • Father you are the great physician, you promised that you will not place any of this disease upon us,:you are our healer, you are our deliverer, you are our way maker,:you are our miracle worker. By your stripes Jesus we have been healed. Father God, I speak healing and health on everyone’s body and mind who is going through this. I speak that the brain is healed, every parts of the brain, brain stems, nervous system they are all healed they come under a linemen, and Father I decree and declare their minds are being healed, thoughts processes healed, let there be no misfire between the left and right brain. I decree there is perfect balance in their minds, body and life. Jesus hasten your promise to heal them of all afflictions and disease. We ask for your healing miracles right now. We thank you Jehovah Rapha. We thank you in the mighty name of Jesus. Hallelujah!!! Amen. Be healed.

  12. I suffered three strokes, major strokes. I, too, had a miraculous recovery; but, prayer is the last to come back. I have Aphasia and Dysathria. Please pray that my ability to pray will heal. My reading and writing is coming along. Just my ability to pray. Help me! My name is Lolita Michelle – Thank you

    • Did your fiance get some vision back? My husband couldn’t see anything for the first few months after the stroke, but he can see a little now all ready we are really hoping and praying as time goes on it’ll come back more

  13. Hi I am 33 years old with autism. I had a tia stroke on April 2014. After my stroke, I lost almost all my academic skills and one blood vessel in my brain is no longer there. I can still walk, and do many things, but this stroke has caused me to relearn academic skills. I have head pain and sometimes barely think with horrible head pain. There is times I have lost some awareness and hard to see things with pain. Everytime I read a book or I am on my computer or tablet. I have pain in my head and eyes while reading simple words. Please Pray for me that God heals my brain, eyes, restore blood flow in my blood vessel in my brain and body and everywhere I have pain so I can learn without pain.

  14. Our coworker was found unconscious face down in his home from a massive stroke. It has now been a week and still in ICU and hasn’t woke up. We are all praying for his recovery but there is power in prayer. On that note, we would really appreciate a prayer for Jeffrey Davis. Thank you and God bless.

  15. I could not see the video I think something was wrong. My husband suffered a severe “bleeder” on back right side of the brain a little over a year ago. He still is not able to move normal or is at 85% better. He also got diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder back in 2002. We’ve been married 27 yrs. I pray complete restoration over his life. His name is Humberto. Pray for him. Thx I know God can do anything

  16. Please pray for Maya. She had a massive stroke 3 months ago, which severely affected her right limbs and ability to communicate. She is 37 and really has a heart of gold. Thank you.

    • Father we thank your for healing Maya and reversing the affects of the stroke. All functions restored, and speak restored, in Jesus name, Amen.

  17. I just found this site and I am in need of some serious inspiration.My bestfriend,love of my life for 20 yrs,father of our 3 kids and my husband had a massive stroke in September. it has been the hardest and heartbreaking last 6 months for me and my kids.He is 48 yrs old and had high blood pressure I found him falling trying to get dressed on the morning of September 24 I called 911 and he was taken to the ER.He spent 8 weeks in ICU and 4 weeks in accute care after husband can no longer speak, move on his right side,eat through the mouth,he is bed bound and uses a brief to use the bathroom.I know he wouldn’t want to live like this but I have to believe God has let him come this far for a reason that he has a plan for him and he will help him pull through this.i have brought myself to except that he will no longer live the life he used to I just want him to live without pain and be able to live with dignity.i have read about many miracles after a stroke and I am still hoping and praying for ours.The only thing the hospital wanted to do for my husband is put him in a nursing home but I couldn’t do that.i brought him home to care for him and I have home are that comes in once a week.i try my hardest to take good care of him he is the live of my life and he deserves it.somedays I feel like I’m being selfish having him lay like this but I just can’t believe that we won’t see some improvement.pmease pray for my husband and family.It is my son’s Senior yr of high school and I never imagined we would b spending it like this.My husband is missing our daughters first yr of high School and our youngest is 12 she needs him so much still.we just need a miracle .

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