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Traumatic Brian Injury Completely Healed by God

Jason Mirikitani: Saved by Prayer

Don’t miss this amazing heartfelt miracle testimony! A car accident left Jason struggling to survive with a skull cracked wide open, and with severe traumatic brain injuries placing his life in the balance. Doctors gave him little hope of recovery, but Jason’s family and friends turned to God in fervent prayer, for a miracle….and God responded with an amazing story of hope filled with God’s love.

Scripture says “Faith, is the substance of things hoped for….”
There is a lesson in this story for all of us. I believe if you and I begin to become more fervent in our hopes, do not become discouraged, do not give up our hope, and pray with such hope, we will see many more miracles like this….dare to believe, don’t ever give up hope, and ALL things are possible through God!

Heaven or Hell encounter Holy Spirit Miracle Healing Salvation

Terminal Brain Stem Injury Patient Returns from Heaven: Julie Papievis

Terminal Brain Stem Injury patient Returns from Heaven!

Julie was in a horrific car accident and was injured so badly that even her Doctor testified she had a only 4% chance of life, and would at best, live in a vegetative state if surviving the accident. But God had a different plan for her life. Listen to her testimony as she not only miraculously and fully recovered to run a triathlon, but also shares testimony of her brief time in heaven! Her book is called “Go back and be happy“, the last words of her grandparents in heaven before returning to her once broken body! By His stripes, she was healed!
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Restored From Massive Stroke: Full Medically Documented Healing Miracle

This is an amazing Medical Miracle story of God’s Power to heal that you don’t want to miss!

Many people say that God’s healing power is not real because many Miracles lack medical proof. As we have seen, often healing miracles go undocumented simply because many times, the person healed no longer needs medical treatment or confirmation from a Doctor to realize they can walk again, or that all their pain is now gone from a past injury. At that point, they/we are often so happy that they/we are healed, they/we don’t feel the need to spend a couple hundred dollars for a doctor just to tell them what they already know (they/we have been healed).

Let’s be honest, would you really need a doctor to tell you what you already know and see? In the case of a terminal disease, yes of course we would want confirmation, and there are many, many miracles of such cases documented around the globe, yet I’m amazed that I still hear people saying there is “no proof” of healing today. It’s almost as if some people won’t believe no matter what proof is provided. If you are one of those folks, you should enjoy this testimony about Allen and Debbie Moore – It’s a great testimony to share!

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