Hallelujah! Jesus is Lord!

Have you ever seen someone walk in such kindness that the very nature of love beamed from within their soul and when seeing such love, you decided you wanted what they had? The good news is that God longs to give us the desires of our heart whenever our desires align with His nature.

If we are born again, then His spirit (who also raised Jesus from the dead ) that lives within us, certainly can handle manifesting His Love through each of us (after all, He IS love!). All we have to do is walk in faith and believe, and trust He is our source and by faith, He will fulfill the desire of our own hearts to walk in love and look more like Jesus! It’s so simple a child can do it!

This is a piece (below) I wrote on Facebook in 2014 about how easily we can step out in faith and watch Jesus manifest His love, healing, and miracles if we will simple walk in love and step out in faith in our every day lives.

Amazingly in doing so, we find that our fear melts away and doesn’t seem like such a big deal. When we lead with love, it really gets easy because walking in love means we are walking with Jesus and representing His very nature, ….which is what we we created to do, (be Christ like)! Walking in love to our spirit man it’s totally natural and easy! Paul said it in many ways, ….desire love for it is the greatest of all these gifts.


God is so awesome to “meet us in the middle” whenever we step out in faith.

Never in my recent past could I imagine God would use me to evangelize the world with His love, yet here I find myself sharing the good news about Him by praying for the sick, blessing the discouraged, encouraging those weary in faith, and even introducing others to a new relationship with Jesus as part of my everyday life now.

I used to be terrified of the thought of going out to share the Gospel, even just a couple years ago – thinking and fearing I’d say something wrong or stupid, or that I didn’t know enough scripture to talk through/to someone who was an atheist or a non believer. I’d literally shake in my knees just thinking about doing it and often failed when trying to “evangelize” by sharing my faith! I’m serious! I’d have these thoughts like “this is so complicated, surely I have to know more about the bible” or “I have no credentials for this, stop pushing people away from God!” If I did try, I’d get stage fright or get pounded by some ultra atheist who knew more about scripture than I did! Tell me that wasn’t a set up by the devil himself! Ha! I felt like a train wreck honestly at times, just trying what all the books said to do about ministering the gospel. I never felt smart enough or confident enough to figure out the right “system”! Can anyone else relate here or was that just me?

But somewhere along the way, a giant “light bulb moment” happened that taught me to stop thinking and worrying about how to do it and to just “lead with love” with a simple question like “how are you doing?” I figured out that amazingly, I rarely seem to go wrong when I’m approaching someone with a goal to simply bless them. The conversation seems to flow effortlessly in most cases since I now have no formula or complicated agenda to follow. Love is so awesome!

In the beginning I was shocked at how often people were actually happy that I took the time to talk with them and bless them and did not reject me – imagine that! The bible says “Love never fails” and since everyone needs love it seems true. Seriously, experiencing that has changed everything in how I look at evangelizing! Now it’s more like “just loving on people” and if the Holy Spirit leads me into deeper evangelizing with them, I just follow and share whatever comes to my mind. My encounters went from scary, divided, intellectual based, bible thumping discussions now to random acts of kindness and love and regular encounters with prayer and healing. With a small step of faith, I now see abundant fruit coming from the love shared whether I just stop to take the time to bless and share love with someone in need, or pray for healing, or talk about God’s amazing love. It honestly seems so ridiculously natural and simple, it’s almost like we were created to become love! Haha!

Do I see results from every prayer instantly? Heck no, but I am seeing more every day, and regardless I always see the good results of simply caring about and loving someone.

The best part is that the more I step out in faith, the more Jesus shows up moving through me and it’s like watching a good movie unfold through my own eyes! I’m seeing greater healings, greater signs and wonders, greater numbers of people led to salvation, and even many Christians are learning the truth about God’s great love for them, for the very first time.
I may not always see something dramatic happen but I know everyone of those encounters is either planting seeds of hope, or watering seeds of faith and in both cases as the Bible says, “God will bring the increase” for every such encounter. We are truly co-laboring with Jesus in this, and I’m now living and seeing the Kingdom of Heaven become established on earth through His love and I’m totally sold out walking out this life of Love for my King. What a life to live, what a privileged to be called His son, and oh what an adventure lies before us when stepping out in His amazing love.

With every encounter of Love the Kingdom of God literally shifts into action and becomes an eloquent dance revealed by His sons and daughters as He intended, yes on earth just as it is in heaven. When doing so we are fulfilling the words in scripture that say all of creation has groaned for such a time as this. It’s a move of divine influence, pouring out God’s spirit among men, through the saints of His kingdom. It’s called “being a light in the world” restoring what was originally meant to be here on earth and it comes with a spirit of power, love, and of sound mind ministered by the Holy Spirit to His saints. It is the power of the Gospel of Jesus revealed through men. As Christians, we are the chosen Gold and Silver vessels created for this very reason. It is our identity and destiny. What a glorious time we share.

His Love is alive and His promises are true and become totally exposed with only a small step of faith! Luke 10:9 said “Heal the sick in each city and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you!”

The race is on, let’s run it well! Love, love, love never fails……