Young Boy Healed of Autism

Although his mom worked so hard to rehabilitate her son was diagnosed with Autism, the prognosis was bleak. But God is greater than any disease and “the prayers of a righteous person avail much”!

When you listen to this testimony, it seems very similar to when Jesus would cast out an evil spirit where everything changed once the spirit had left. Prayers were being answered, and the boy was gradually recovering but then suddenly went into a tail spin as he spent four straight days acting out (manifesting), and appeared all had been lost. It seemed like the evil spirit was attempting to “regain control” over the boy before prayers were fully answered, much like an enemy who doesn’t want to give up control just before surrender. I believe this was the unclean spirit’s “last stand” before Jesus would finally cast out the demon and heal the boy, through the prayers of this surrendered mother. Never give up, no matter how bad it may seem, walk by faith until your prayers are answered!

You may or may not believe in such talk about evil spirits, but Jesus spoke of them often, called us to heal the sick and cast out demons, and if you speak to any missionaries entering remote territories in Africa, they will tell you the existence of demons is undeniable.