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Cancer Medical Miracle Healing Miracle Healing Scott Levesque

Stage 4 Colon Cancer healed by Jesus! Angels Amazing Testimony!

Colon Cancer Healed Through Prayer!

This is Angel’s testimony today (2018) after we prayed for him in Manchester in 2015. At first Angel was so full of fear and anguish that he didn’t want us to pray for him. He was still dealing with being overwhelmed with the fact he was told he only had a 20% chance of his upcoming surgery going well, and that he would have only a max of five years to survive IF the surgery went well. The surgery was to help slow down the cancer that had already spread outside of his colon and to try to extend his life a couple years. It was a rather grim future for him, his wife and his five children, but thankfully Jesus had a different plan.

That morning, we were at an outreach event and I felt the Lord really wanted us to pray for him, but I didn’t know exactly why- when we approached and asked he declined and said “I’m all set”. At that point, without knowing for certain that anything was wrong, I asked if he was sure he didn’t want prayer, and he declined a second time. As I began to walk away, I had a really strong unction that something was critically wrong with him (although he looked healthy), so I stopped, turned back to him and boldly spoke “I know something is seriously wrong with your body and the Lord want’s to heal you, what’s going on?” For the third time he said “I’m all set” but thankfully his wife leaned forward and quietly said “he has stage four colon cancer and we don’t want the kids to know”. So I said “come on dude, Jesus wants to heal you, will you let us pray for you?” He softened and said yes, and he entered into faith with us, and Jesus crushed that disease through a prayer of faith! Hallelujah! Not only did he survive the surgery with flying colors, but two weeks after the surgery, doctors couldn’t explain how he was 100% cancer free after testing 36-45 lymph glands. Doctors still can’t figure out what happened and three years later he’s 100% cancer free, loving the Lord, regularly giving his testimony to the doctors and others, and living the second chance he’s been given by the finished work of Jesus. The Lord said, if you have faith without unbelief, our faith can move mountains – this mountain was moved!

We are entering into a special time where the church is learning how to walk by faith, without doubt. I’m so excited to see what is coming on this earth as we learn to “Only believe”…… Yay God

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Baby Healed of Brain Cancer Through Miracle of God

Baby’s Brain and Spine Cancer Healed by Miracle of God

Wow, this one really moved my heart! God’s Love never ceases to bring so much joy to me, that I simply weep over the beauty of such miracles. Amazing Love…..Amazing Grace….Such an Amazing God!! Believe!

Cancer Medical Miracle Healing CBN Healing Testamony Documented Chronic Sickness Healed Miracle Healing

Dan’s Cancer Death Sentence Turns Into a Miracle!

Dan Fazzina’s Cancer Miracle
Dan Fazzina was diagnosed with a grapefruit sized tumor in his chest when he was just 27. Without major chemo, doctors said he only had three weeks to three months to live. The tumor was crushing his heart and organs. After treatments of chemo with little hope, Dan cried out to God asking to be healed.

Half way through treatments, the tumor was gone, ….no evidence, no scar tissue, no tumor! There’s always hope when it comes to God, don’t give up! God is so Good, Jesus is Lord.

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Pelvic Cancer Healed: TB Joshua Ministries Africa

Pelvic cancer healed by Jesus through TB Joshua in Africa

Normally I wouldn’t post such a raw video so I have to warn viewers, this is VERY graphic as  you can see by the image below, and may be hard to watch. That said, I am compelled to add this story because it’s a “real life miracle” and not that uncommon to see such wounds (and miracles) in an area where medical care for the poor is scarce but faith is strong. Such a story brings glory to God and glory to Jesus, because she was indeed completely healed of pelvic cancer and most likely may have died as a result! Praise the Lord! Amen

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God Miraculously Heals Man of Stage 4 Bone Cancer

God Miraculously Heals Man of Stage 4 Bone Cancer

Rodney Thompson and Glenn Hicks
Doctors gave Glenn Hicks a “death date.” He was diagnosed with stage 3 bone cancer on Dec. 14. Six weeks later, the cancer had spread and advanced to stage 4.

According to the Enneking staging system for bone cancers, stage 3 means the cancer has spread to another part of the body. And according to the TNM staging system of bone cancer, stage 4 bone cancer means the disease has spread to the lungs.

Hicks knew he was dying. He was experiencing severe pain in his joints and bones. But as a resident of Faith Farm, a homeless ministry in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., he was not allowed to take narcotics to treat his pain.

“I had to deal with it and give everything to God,” Hicks says. “[Doctors] gave me a ‘date of death’ sheet on a clipboard, upside down, and told me if I wanted to look at it, it was right there to look at. But I never looked at it. I decided to trust in God.”

A leader from Faith Farm called Rodney Thompson and told him about Hicks’ condition. Thompson, founder of Christ Kingdom Evangelist Network (CKEN), said he would bring over his team of evangelists to pray for his complete healing.

“Glenn told us the doctors gave him a date of death. We prayed for Glenn and spoke to the cancer,” says Thompson, who also serves on the leadership team at International House of Prayer, Fort Lauderdale. “We said, ‘Cancer, we give you your date of death—April 3.’”

During the April 3 prayer, Hicks said he felt “a warmth and relaxing and a peace and calm about [himself].” Convinced he was healed, Hicks went to see his doctor on April 4 for a new round of tests. The results came in on April 8.

“The doctors told me I was in remission,” Hicks says. “But I’ve been healed by God.”

Charisma News obtained a report from the doctor, validating the healing (what the doctor calls remission). That report from Dr. F. Collins reads: “Our findings from the TriScreen report on 4-5-2013 was as follows: Your cancer cell count was 263 cpms and on 4-5-20-2013 your cancer cell count was 0 cpms. I cannot explain this except that you are in 100 percent total remission.”

Several days later, Dr. Collins sent Hicks a second letter, which reads: “The bone-biopsy is unexplainable … This is not just baffling to me and my staff, but also to the AMA which I have informed of these findings. According to these results, you are a normal healthy 51-year-old male.”

Hicks’ healing came on the eve of an evangelistic outreach known as Cry at Midnight, in partnership with Free Indeed Ministries and CKEN. Organizers had been praying and fasting to see souls saved, the sick healed and the oppressed delivered from demons.

“We were expecting great miracles at Cry at Midnight,” says Jim Locke, founder of Free Indeed Ministries and worship pastor at Praise Chapel Hollywood in Florida. “We saw one before our event ever got underway. God is still in the business of healing people. Hicks is proof.”