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Woman healed of stage 3 ovarian cancer!

Woman healed of stage 3 ovarian cancer by prayer and faith! All Body parts restored and healed!

Touching story of a woman not only completely healed, but soon became pregnant and delivered a beautiful child after ovarian cancer!


Blindness healed by medical miracle Documented Chronic Sickness Healed Miracle Healing Salvation

Blind woman healed by Jesus in Africa in front of 200,000 witnesses!

Blind woman healed in Africa in front of 200,000 witnesses- precious!

As many of you are aware, Ivory Coast has been plagued by many years of civil war. Terrible atrocities have been committed and much blood has been shed in this place. In fact, our crusade field bears a grim reminder of the desperately wicked condition of fallen humanity. At the back of the crusade field there is a distinct area where curious mounds of dirt are grown over with thick weeds. As our bulldozers were clearing the field in preparation for the campaign, we were asked by officials not to clear that particular area because it is a mass grave where countless unidentified corpses are buried. Yet, this week, this very field, once the scene of death and destruction on a massive scale, has been transformed into ground zero for a historic harvest and a mass Holy Spirit outpouring. It is a striking metaphor of God’s redemptive work through salvation.The crowd grew to 200,000 tonight in spite of the fact that Ivory Coast national football team was playing against Tunisia contending for the Africa Cup of Nations! Our event director asked one young man why he came to the crusade instead of watching football and he said, “We need Jesus more than football.” This kind of hunger is what sets this campaign apart. The people are extraordinarily expectant and full of faith. The video at the top of this email is from the very first testimony tonight. It is from a woman who was totally blind in both eyes. Last night her left eye had been healed and she came to give glory to God. While interviewing her, I discovered that her right eye was still blind. I told her to cover that right eye and prayed. Nothing happened. I so I covered her eye and prayed again. “Mama look at me. What do you see?” I asked. For several seconds she looked at me intently (it probably seemed longer than it actually was:-) and then all of a sudden, she started shouting, “Oui, oui, oui, oui, oui” (French for “yes”). Jesus opened her eye on the platform in front of 200,000 people and, as you can imagine, the crowd went ballistic! Praise the Lord!This has been a historic event that will leave an indelible mark on Ivory Coast. The entire capital city has been shaken. The news media is out in full force every night. Top government officials have taken notice and are coming for prayer. The church leadership has never seen anything like it before. I am sure that if the Lord tarries, the great-grandchildren of these people will still be talking about what Jesus did here this week.And it’s not over yet! We still have one more meeting tomorrow night. Please continue to pray for us – that the full payload of Holy Spirit impact will demolish every last bastion of satanic influence and that from this week forward, Ivory Cost will be known, not as a place of war and bloodshed, but as the dominion of the Prince of Peace.Yours in the Gospel,
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, Peter van den Berg
Together with the whole CfaN teamPictures by O. Volyk
Heaven or Hell encounter Salvation Sid Roth "It's Supernatural"

Boy returns from death coma with a meassage from God!


What an amazing testimony of God’s love through a young boy.

As Retah and her family were returning from one of these public speaking events in the Free State not long after she delivered the message above, her own precious tablet fell from her hands and shattered into a million pieces. The entire McPherson family was involved in a terrible motor car accident. Retah, her husband Tinus and her youngest son Josh walked away with little or no injuries, but her eldest son Aldo felt the full brunt of the impact. He was thrown from the vehicle and found unconscious on the other side of the highway.  This was the start of a long upward road of endurance relying only on God’s grace, mercy and provision.

Aldo was on life support for a long time after the accident, and during that time Retah was lifted into a new level of walking by faith and not by sight. Although Aldo suffered severe brain injuries as a result of the accident, Retha testifies: “God is good! He has awakened my Sprit to Him and I have come to know Him as a holy God who wants my life, not only my heart.”

After a few weeks in a coma, Aldo finally woke up. While he was in a coma, he had a supernatural experience where he went to heaven, saw God, the angels, Moses and Abraham. Aldo came back with one message: “Jesus is alive!” Due to the seriousness of his injuries to his head Aldo was not able to speak for a long time and related his miraculous journey by writing letters lead by the Holy Spirit – which he is still doing today.

After these series of events their lives were forever changed. Retah and Aldo co-authored a book titled “A Message from God” which relates their miracle story in detail. Retah has since retired from her mainstream job and is now busy with full-time ministry. She travels around the country and the world spreading this simple truth “Jesus is alive!”

In closing, here is an excerpt from the preface of her book A Message from God:

I’ve always confessed that I’m a Christian. I’ve always known God. I believed in the Holy Trinity and even served God.

Yet, when I look back now I realize that I was merely living a good life filled with good deeds. I didn’t really know God’s character and I had no idea what it meant to be completely sold out to Him – which is the only sacrifice that is ever acceptable In His sight. I had to live through a terrible tragedy and huge suffering, before I was finally willing to sacrifice everything, including my son to God. Only after all that, did I hand over control of my life to Him and did I get to know Him personally.

All this pain was so unnecessary! Jesus had already paid the price in full. After I had given my life to Him as a living sacrifice, I could get in line with God’s perfect plan for my life – to live in a love relationship with the living God!

Only then could I say that it didn’t matter whether I lived or died, as long as I glorified God.

For a long time I thought it was my husband’s responsibility to make me happy, but the truth is no human being can make you completely happy. Only Jesus can do that for you. He is the ANSWER to all questions; the SOLUTION to all your problems, the FULFILMENT of all your needs and desires. He is ALL things to ALL men! I tried to quench my thirst with all sorts of things like perfectionism, fame, wealth and achievement. But, now that the fire of the Holy Spirit has purified me from the inside out, I know Jesus is the fountain of living water.  He is the only One who can quench my thirst forever.

Know one thing for sure: Jesus is alive! – Retah McPherson

If you would like to find out more about this miraculous story please go to the following website:

Heaven or Hell encounter Miracle Healing

Atheist professor saved from entering Hell! Compelling testimony!

Is Hell Real? You decide from the written testimony accompanied by the short video of this terrifying experience shared by a former atheist!

Atheist professor’s near-death experience in hell left him changed

– In some near-death experiences, people report they were drawn toward “the light.” But in this horrifying near-death experience for an atheist art professor, he was drawn into the darkness of hell, which dramatically altered the course of his life.

“I was a double atheist,” says Howard Storm, who became a tenured art professor at Northern Kentucky University by age 27. “I was a know-it-all college professor, and universities are some of the most closed-minded places there are,” he notes.

On the last day of a three-week European art tour he led, his group had returned to their hotel in Paris after a visit to the artist Delacroix’s home and studio. As Howard stood in his room with his wife and another student, suddenly he screamed and dropped to the floor in agony.

“I had a perforation of the small stomach, known as the duodenum,” he recalls. At first, Howard thought he was shot, and he glanced around the room to see if he could spot a smoking gun. As he writhed in pain on the ground, kicking and screaming, his wife called for a doctor.

“They said I needed surgery immediately,” Howard says. “It’s like having a burst appendix. I was told that if they don’t get to it within five hours, you’re probably going to die.”

Howard had the misfortune of a falling ill on a Saturday in a country with socialized medicine, and no doctor could be found. “French doctors do seven surgeries a week, and after they do the seven surgeries, they take the weekend off,” he discovered.

They placed him on a bed without sheets or a pillow and offered no pain medication. He waited in the room for 10 hours. “I was just lying there going south,” Howard says. Meanwhile, intestinal contents were leaking into his abdominal cavity, which would soon lead to peritonitis, septic shock and certain death.

At 8:30 p.m. a nurse came in and said they were still unable to find a doctor, but they would try to find one the next day, Sunday.

“I had been struggling very hard to stay alive, but when she said there was no doctor, I knew it was time to stop fighting,” Howard says.

Yet the thought of death scared him. “I was terrified of dying because it meant lights out, the end of the story,” he notes. “It seemed horrible that at 38-years-old, when I felt powerful and successful in my life, it would all come to an end in such a ridiculously pitiful way.”

Howard made an impassioned farewell to his wife, and told her to tell their friends and the rest of his family goodbye. Then he lost consciousness.

It wasn’t long after he lost consciousness that he had a very unusual out-of-body experience, and found himself standing next to his bed, looking at himself lying there. As he stood there, he noticed he didn’t feel the pain in his stomach. He felt more alive than ever, and his senses seemed more heightened than usual.

He tried to communicate with his wife and another man in the room, but they didn’t respond, which frustrated him. “I was glad I didn’t have the pain, but also I was very confused and disturbed by the situation.”

“I saw my body lying on the bed, but I refused to believe it was me. How could that be me if I was standing there,” he wondered.

Suddenly he heard people outside the room calling for him by name. They spoke English, without a French accent, which seemed strange, because everyone in the hospital either spoke French or heavily accented English.

“Come with us,” they said. “Hurry up, let’s go.”

Howard went to the doorway. “Are you from the doctor?” he asked. “I need to have surgery. I’m sick and I’ve been waiting a long time.”

“We know all about you,” one said. “We’ve been waiting for you. It’s time for you to go. Hurry up.”

Howard left the room and started to walk with them down a long hallway, which was very dimly lit – almost dingy. “They took me on a very long journey through a grey space that got increasingly darker and darker,” he recalls.

They walked a long time, and Howard wondered why he was not tired when he had just suffered the worst day of his life.

“Where are we going? Howard asked. “How come it’s taking so long? What is the doctor’s name?”

“Shut up,” one said. “Be quiet,” another said. “Don’t ask questions.”

Howard’s fear and apprehension grew at the same time he lost trust in his guides. “Finally it was so dark I was terrified and I said, ‘I’m not going any farther. I want to go back.”

“You’re almost there,” one replied.

Howard dug in his heels. “I’m not going any farther,” he said firmly.

A fight ensues

His guides began to push and pull at him. Howard fought back, but he was horribly outnumbered.

“We had a big fight and the fight turned into them annihilating me, which they did slowly and with much relish,” he says. “Mostly they were biting and tearing at me. This went on for a long time. They did other things to humiliate and violate me which I don’t talk about.”

When Howard was no longer “amusing” to them, he collapsed on the ground, ripped apart, unable to move.

He lay there motionless for a few moments, completely spent. Then he was surprised by a small voice inside his head that said, ‘Pray to God.’

He thought, ‘I don’t pray. I don’t even believe in God.’

Then he heard the voice a second time, ‘Pray to God.’

‘But I wouldn’t know how to pray even if I wanted to pray,’ he thought. Whose voice was this, he wondered? It sounded like his voice, but the words were completely foreign to his

own thinking.

Then he heard the voice a third time repeat the same message. His mind drifted back to his days in Sunday school as a child. “I tried to remember things I memorized when I was very young,” he says. He struggled to think of something he could pray.

Then he managed to blurt out, “The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want…”

When the people around him heard his attempt to pray, they became enraged. “There is no God and nobody can hear you,” they cried, along with other obscenities. “If you keep praying we will really hurt you.”

But Howard noticed something curious. The more he prayed and began to mention God,

the more they backed away from him.

Emboldened, he began to shout out bits and pieces of the Lord’s Prayer, “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” and “God Bless America.” Finally, he was screaming any fragments of God’s truth he could muster from the moldy recesses of his memory bank.

It seemed to work! Even in the darkness, he could tell they had fled, but not too far away.

As he lay there, Howard began to review his life. “I came to the conclusion I led a crummy life and I had gone down the sewer pipe of the universe. I had gone into the septic tank with other human garbage. I was being processed by the garbage people into garbage like them.”

“Whatever life was supposed to be about, I missed it,” he thought. “What I received was what I deserved and the people who attacked me were people like me. They were my kindred spirits. Now I will be stuck with them forever.” Feelings of self-loathing and hopelessness filled his mind.

His thoughts floated back again to himself as a nine-year-old in Sunday School, “I remembered myself singing “Jesus Loves Me,” and I could feel it inside me. As a child, I thought Jesus was really cool and he was my buddy and he would take care of me.”

“But even if Jesus is real, why would he care about me? he thought. “He probably hates my guts. I’m not going to think anymore; I’m going to ask him.”

“I’ve got nothing else to lose. I’ll give Jesus a try.”

A cry for help

Then he yelled into the darkness, “Jesus, please save me!”

Within an instant, a brilliant light appeared that came closer and closer. He found himself bathed in a beautiful light, and for the first time he could clearly see his own body’s miserable condition, ghastly for his own eyes to behold. “I was almost all gore.”

Immediately he recognized Jesus, the King

of Kings, the Rescuer, the Deliverer. “His arms reached down and touched me and everything healed up and came back together,” he recalls. “He filled me with a love I never knew existed.”

Then he picked up Howard, like one football player picking up a fallen teammate on the field, put his arms around him, and Howard cried like a baby in His arms. “He carried me out of there and we headed to where God lives.”

In his mind, Howard began to think that Jesus made a terrible mistake. “I’m garbage and I don’t belong in heaven,” he thought.

They stopped moving, and both Howard and Jesus were hanging in space, somewhere between heaven and hell. “We don’t make mistakes,” Jesus said tenderly.

“He could read everything in my mind and put His voice into my head,” Howard recalls. “We had very rapid, instantaneous conversations.”

Then Jesus told Howard He had angels who would show him his life. “It was a terrible experience because my life deteriorated after adolescence. I saw I became a selfish, unloving person. I was successful, a full tenured art professor at 27, the department head, but I was a jerk.”

In this replay, he saw his heavy drinking and adultery. “I cheated on my wife proudly. It was horrible.”

For the first time he realized the way he lived his life hurt Jesus. “I was in the arms of the most wonderful, holy, loving, kind person and we’re looking at this stuff. Embarrassing doesn’t even begin to describe it.”

As they watched together, Howard could see the pain and disappointment on the face of Jesus. “When I did these things it was like sticking a knife into his heart.”

“Do you have any questions?” Jesus asked.

“I have a million questions,” Howard replied, and proceeded to unburden himself of anything and everything he could imagine asking an omniscient being. Jesus answered Howard’s questions kindly and patiently.

When Howard couldn’t think of anything else to ask, he said, “I’m ready to go to heaven now.”

“You’re not going to heaven. You’re going back to the world,” Jesus replied.

Howard began to argue, but it was to no avail. Jesus told him to go back and live his life differently.

Going back

At 9:00 p.m., Howard was back in his hospital room in Paris. Less than 30 minutes had elapsed since he lost consciousness.

As Howard opened his eyes, he heard the nurse say, “The doctor arrived at the hospital and you’re going to have the surgery.”

As they wheeled him out of his room on a gurney, he saw his wife in the hallway. “Everything is going to be really good now,” he said to her. When she heard him, she cried, thinking they were brave words.

When Howard emerged from surgery, with the effects of the anesthesia wearing off, he spoke to his wife. “It’s all love,” he told her. “You don’t have to suffer anymore.”

“You need to sleep,” she replied, thinking he was slightly addled from the drugs. Then he awakened again and began to tell her about Jesus and the angels and heaven and hell.

“She was an atheist and she didn’t like it. She thought I lost my mind.” Sadly, Howard’s marriage ended in divorce after she left him many years later.

When his strength returned, Howard began to devour the Bible. “Since none of my atheist friends believed me, I started memorizing verses and I would give them Bible lectures, but that didn’t go over very well,” he recalls.

He grew “desperate” for fellowship in a church, and began to attend Christ Church in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, part of United Church of Christ. Howard’s pastor worked with him patiently, and after three years, Howard was ordained as a lay minister in his church.

Sensing a deeper call into ministry, he attended United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio and later pastored a church in Covington, Ohio.

He also wrote a book about his experience, “My Descent Into Death,” which he says was written primarily to non-believers. Howard and his second wife, Marcia, a strong Christian, are both involved in missionary work in Belize. He maintains a passion for painting, with much of his art devoted to spiritual themes.

Testimony from God Reports web-site

Miracle Healing

Skull fractured into 100 pieces- completely healed through prayer

Traumatic brain injury brings healing to church

By Mark Ellis 

A divisive spirit reared its ugly head in a Texas church until a young man suffered a catastrophic brain injury. As church members locked arms to pray for a healing miracle, another miracle happened — the bitterness brewing in their midst suddenly vanished like a summer rain.

It started when the lead pastor and assistant pastor announced they would leave their church in Victoria, Texas to plant a church in Florida. Stunned church members were left shaking their heads, asking about their motives and wondering what would come next.

“All this brought division, with people going different ways,” says Nate Lytle, who was 23 at the time – and in many ways caught in the middle of the fracas. The departing pastors wanted Nate to go with them and become a college pastor. Many in the Texas church wanted Nate to stay as the youth pastor at his present church.

“I felt a lot of pressure; all great opportunities but I didn’t know where God would take me,” Nate recalls. “I kept praying, ‘God, I want your will to be done in this whole thing. Use me and do whatever it takes to bring you glory.”

Shortly after Nate prayed this prayer, he was standing atop a ten-foot ladder, helping to unload a large metal pipe in the warehouse of his father’s industrial supply company.  Nate’s father, Billy, was on the rack as they slowly eased the oil pipe out of its position.

Somehow they lost their grip and the massive pipe fell to the concrete floor. On its way down, it hit the bottom rung of the ladder and knocked Nate into a 10-foot freefall, sideways.

“It happened so fast I didn’t have time to react,” Nate says. “I tried to grab something, but there was nothing there.”

When he landed, Nate’s head hit the pipe with tremendous force. “My skull went on top of the pipe and it shattered like an egg.”

Surprisingly, he maintained consciousness. Nate’s father was at his side in an instant. “Did you hit your head; did you hit your head?” he asked.

“I could see; my eyes were open, and I talked, but nothing made sense,” Nate says. “I was speaking gibberish.”

There was no blood on the ground, and his only visible injury was a broken wrist, completely folded back on his arm. At that point, his father didn’t realize Nate had a fist-sized hole in his skull and massive internal bleeding, with three hematomas in his head slowly growing to the size of a grapefruit.

“It was surreal because I was lying there dying and nobody knew I had a brain injury,” Nate says.

Billy Lytle sprinted 100 yards to the parking lot for his truck, which he wheeled inside to pick up his son. Then they raced to the emergency room at Citizens Medical Hospital in Victoria.

Nate’s mother, Tammy, met them in the ER room. “Nate, are you Okay? We’re here for you,” she said. At that moment, Nate’s head lurched backward and he fell out of his wheelchair.

A CTscan revealed his skull fractured into 100 pieces, many embedded in the brain, with the growing hematomas exerting potentially fatal pressure on his spinal cord.

In fact, the trauma associated with the fall caused Nate’s brain to shift 1.7 centimeters past its normal, centerline position. Known as a “midline shift,” any movement over 2 mm is considered potentially fatal.

One of the trauma doctors immediately recognized Nate had only 15 minutes to live, unless emergency surgery could be performed.

Victoria’s population, about 60,000, only supported one neurosurgeon, Dr. Keith Norvell. Unfortunately, he had been on an extended leave for two to three months. There was no time to fly Nate to San Antonio or Houston. Only Dr. Norvell could save Nate’s life – if he could be located.

“I fell at 9:15 a.m. that morning,” Nate recounts. “Dr. Norvell came back to the hospital one hour before that. It was his first day back from vacation.” Dr. Norvell also happened to be a Christian who had attended Bible studies with Nate’s parents.

Dr. Norvell studied the CT scan and shared his concerns with Billy and Tammy Lytle. “I’ve seen a lot of brain injuries,” he told them. “This is the worst I’ve seen on paper. I can not fix this.”

“We know you’re a believer,” Tammy replied. “We have to hold on to prayer because our God is bigger than this.”

Tammy and Billy held each other and prayed an eternity-minded prayer: “Lord, if Nate can come out of the surgery and still speak truth into people’s lives, please save him. If he can’t speak truth into other people’s lives, then take him home.”

As Nate was prepped for surgery, a remarkable peace and assurance swept over him. “I thought I was going home to heaven,” he recalls. “Some people might be afraid, but I had no regrets or worries because I knew where I was going. I had been serving God.”

His last thought was, I hope I made an impact in some people’s lives.

Meanwhile, the call to prayer had begun in the Lytle’s church, and two ICU waiting rooms filled up with church members – many locked arm-in-arm. “People said it was the most love they had seen in a hospital setting,” Nate recounts. “It was a beautiful thing.”

“Suddenly everybody dropped what they were doing and said, ‘Let’s pray for Nate.’

Mounting divisions in the church, with people going their own ways, seemed to fade away. “My injury helped bring people back together again,” he notes. “People started talking and praying with each other.”

“Only God can make a beautiful thing out of messes,” he adds.

Nate was in a coma for six weeks. Doctors informed his parents that he might never walk or communicate again. His parents heard the troubling stories about brain trauma injuries: people in a sleep state for years, people unable to eat or swallow by themselves, many confined to wheelchairs, unable to communicate.

His parents wondered, What kind of life will he have? Will he ever be normal again? Still, they continued to pray.

In his second week into the coma, a young nurse named Brianna was removing staples from his head. During the procedure, she inadvertently pinched him while she was taking the staples out, causing him to awaken very briefly.

“I saw a girl with bright eyes, nice teeth, and a warm spirit,” he recalls. His moment of recognition lasted only a few seconds – like a quick snapshot in his memory – then he fell back into the coma.

After two weeks, Nate was transferred to TIRR Memorial Hermann in Houston, the same facility that treated Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords after her shooting.

Even while Nate was in his coma, he began to do things that amazed his doctors. “I was very weak because I lost 55 pounds, but I was able to walk with assistance,” he reports. “People usually don’t do this. The doctors were totally amazed and said they had never seen that kind of progress.”

“We knew thousands of people were praying and how big God is,” Nate says. “When you blend doctors and medicine with the power of the living God – this is the real miracle here.”

After Nate came out of the coma, he had difficult talking for six months. “I couldn’t find the word in my head,” he notes. “When I finally got the word, I had to get it from my brain to my lips.”

An acylic plate replaced the damaged hole in Nate’s skull and he went through another 13 months of outpatient therapy. Amazingly, he returned to surfing within one year of his injury.


During the therapy, the same nurse who left the vivid imprint in his mind during the coma was at this side, Brianna. The two married 21 months after his fall.

Nate has fully healed and is able to live a full and active life. With the help of his mother’s daily journal, he wrote a book about his amazing recovery, “More God: Seeing The Blessings Through The Pain” ( or Westbow Press).

“I brag about God so people can see how good He is, even in the worst circumstances,” he says. “God makes the miracles; it all came from Him.”