Healing in Manhattan NY with Torben Sondergaard

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Scott Levesque 7/29/2014
Last week we were on the streets of Manhattan healing the sick and sharing the good news of the Gospel. Torben was on a skateboarders kick and prayed for 4-5 different groups of young men boarding on the sidewalks. In each meeting, all injuries were healed but more important, each experienced a powerful touch from the Holy Spirit and were visibly changed after prayer. Some were ready to go deeper hearing about God, while others just continued on their way. It was really encouraging to see first hand how this all works and cool to watch it in action!Manhattan PoliceAs we stood waiting outside a gift shop while his family was shopping. I got a sense that one of the policemen near us on the street had back problems. I mentioned it to Torben and sternly he said “you go pray for him”! Since I was with a world class evangelist, in the most famous city on the planet, looking at policemen in full uniform, I was really really nervous to go pray for him, to say the least. My heart was pounding but then he moved quite a ways down the street so I thought the moment passed. But as God would have it, within 3 minutes, he came back, came off the street and stood 15 feet away from me on the sidewalk. Yikes, now my heart was really pounding!

At that very moment, I actually remembered the scripture Torben acted out in class last week about the lamb being sent out into a world surrounded by wolves. While thinking about it, I could hear Jesus saying “fear not for I am with you!”….so I went over and started talking with him.

After a minute of chat, I asked if he had any back pain and he said his neck was hurting as it did daily. I asked if he would let me pray, and he said yes, then I asked if I could lay my hand on his neck and he said absolutely and then Jesus showed up completely healed him. The expression of healing was seen in his face as he smiled really big and said “I’m not going to lie to you, my neck feels really good right now!” Think about that for a moment, I’m in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, with some of the toughest cops on the planet, and through compassion, I’m able to lay hands on a fully weaponized policeman!! Surely you can’t make this stuff up!

He was so amazed that he called another policeman from nearby to give testimony. He said something like “Hey Tony, check this out – my neck just got healed, don’t you have a bad back? Let this guy pray for you…” Tony says “yes, my lower back always has pain.” Can I pray? Yes, Can I lay my hand on your back? Yes! I think he actually had a brace on… So I prayed for him and the expression on his face was just as priceless when Jesus healed the first guy- his mouth was wide open in disbelief! It was awesome!!

Then he said his neck was also in a lot of pain- when asked he said the pain was at a 6 on a scale to 10. One ten second prayer in the name of Jesus and the pain went down to a one. A second prayer and it was completely gone – again, seeing his expression of amazement was so encouraging. I think I stepped out in faith that night further than ever before and Jesus met me in the gap. Just as He promised, He was with me in a place surrounded by wolves! It all ended with giving Jesus the glory while first policeman asked me for my phone number in case he needed prayer in the future. I gave it to him along with Torben’s website. What a memory I’ll never forget of faith being built while surrounded by fear! lol

Two of Manhattans finest policemen in full uniform, on the job, healed on the streets getting set free from pain, getting touched by God, and bringing glory to our Lord.Surely the Kingdom is near…. You can’t make this stuff up- it’s the disciples life intended for all of us!!
….. Go – Do – Make disciples

— with Torben Søndergaard