I’ve Learned…..
I’ve learned God is so good if we can just remove the some of hurdles that keep us from trusting Him and knowing about His amazing love.

I’ve learned if we trust in the world, we can find ourselves lost through lies, deception, false humility, worldly thinking, false hope, strife, and condemnation….

But I’ve also learned if we trust in Him, His Love is revealed;

I’ve learned no matter how bad we’ve been or what we’ve done in the past, His grace is sufficient.
I’ve learned we can be saved by the amazing sacrifice of His son through faith.
I’ve learned we can become children of the most high God, no longer living as orphaned children of this fallen world.
I’ve learned once saved, we become spotless and clean in His sight, even if we may not “feel it” or understand how or why it’s possible.
I’ve learned that it’s how He sees us that matters most in life and not how we see ourselves or how others see us.
I’ve learned He see’s only the beauty of Christ in us, and not our faults or weaknesses.
I’ve learned He delights in us as His created children, who were made in His image.
I’ve learned His love is real and can be felt in a tangible way.
I’ve learned we are loved more deeply as His children than any other worldly form of love.
I’ve learned that through spending time with Him, His Grace can turn our heart from stone to flesh, and our heart can become His heart, and His heart our heart.
I’ve learned His love for us can become our love for others, and flow like a mighty river.
I’ve learned His Joy can become our joy, ….daily.
I’ve learned increasing days can exist with uncontainable, heavenly Joy, beyond words.
I’ve learned we can trust all His Word and all His promises, if we only dare to believe.
I’ve learned His spirit is real and lives in those who believe.
I’ve learned His spirit moved heaven and earth in the beginning, and when Jesus was born, and that Spirit is the same today as yesterday, and still moves heaven and earth today through His saints, because Jesus was the first born of many, and we are “the many” created to reveal His love.
I’ve learned faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen, and it is something we can grow into like like a sweater that was too big we got on Christmas as a child.
I’ve learned we who believe are blessed more than eyes can see.
I’ve learned an amazing eternal destiny and future awaits us.
I’ve learned there are more and more reasons to smile and give thanks every morning if we see with eternal eyes.
I’ve learned where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is great freedom, and where there is freedom, there is no bondage from sin….

I’ve learned God is so good,…. always!
I’ve learned what I’ve learned today, is just the beginning of what I can know about His Love tomorrow!

I’ve learned the Holy Spirit is my best friend, counselor, and teacher and He has taught me all I know about God, by revealing the mysteries of my great savior and King Jesus.

Oh what a God I’m learning about!
Oh what I’ve learned!
Scott L