From the book “A man who walked with God” by George Stormont

Wigglesworth was the purest man I had ever known, a man who lived daily in the immediate presence of God.

At one time Wigglesworth was ministering at Zion city in Illinois, founded by the late John Alexander Dowie. There, he called the ministers to a special prayer meeting and was already praying when they had arrived. As he continued in prayer, sometimes in English and sometimes in tongues, the awesome presence of God filled the room.

One by one, the ministers were smitten by the power of God and fell prostrate on their faces. The reality of God’s presence so gripped them that they were unable to move for at least an hour.

Wigglesworth was the only one who remained standing as he continued in praise and prayer. A cloud, like a radiant mist, filled the room where the ministers were.

I believe that this was only a small taste of things yet to come. I believe that today, God is raising up a few in this generation who will be known as “the purest men and women” that ever walked the face of this earth, who shall indeed see the face of God. Are you being called in your spirit for such a time? Do you feel a longing to turn away from the world and surrender your life to the Lord of Hosts? Do you desire to stand on Holy ground? The hour is at hand…