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Miracle Healing Scott Levesque The Last Reformation Torben Søndergaard

Street Discipleship and Healing Training

In July of 2014 our friend from Denmark, Torben Sondergaard from agreed to lead at a 4 day healing and discipleship training event I hosted here in NH and MA. Over 90 people attended from 13 states, and I believe the event was the start of a great revival for the church as the Bride of Christ prepares for His return.

Since the event, we’ve seen an awesome awakening where several of us have been hitting the streets for almost 2 years now, watching God transform life after life. People are getting healed, delivered, and set free from pain, sickness, and spiritual death everywhere we go. Salvation and the good news of the gospel are being preached and many are coming to know God’s love and truth for the very first time. The simplicity of the full Gospel with fresh perspective on repentance, faith in Jesus, water baptism, and the infilling of the Holy Spirit are being renewed in the church. This truly has been a reformation for us personally and we really do look and feel more like the book of ACTS church more than ever before! Hallelujah!! This is the gospel of Jesus, this is the life of a believer, ever filled with power and wonder in the Holy Spirit.

Because of these divine experiences, Laury and I have been receiving many requests for training people in healing, street ministry, and discipleship. Recently we were invited to do a conference for a Hispanic community in Texas to preach about manifesting the love of God, the teach about flowing in the spiritual gifts though the simple obedience of laying on hands and ministering in the streets. We were able to preach four different messages to several different groups of people growing in faith, and provide hands on training to those interested. Everyone was excited to see results as we walked in the simplicity of faith, and love. One thing has become obvious as we’ve traveled and met many who are hungry for the manifestations of God’s love, through the gifts and who are hungry to see God bring salvation to the earth through His children; God is ready, willing and able to do a great work through His people, and He’s not holding anything back from us!

If God is calling you and you are interested in getting Kickstarted, please fill out the form below and Laury and I will contact you as soon as we can!

May God Bless you richly,
Scott & Laury Levesque

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These are a couple testimonials of people that came to see us and get activated:
August 15 2015 Bruce and Doretta drove all the way from Akron OH to join us- this was one of their first encounters.

…and this was their testimony from a week later!

Hi folks, I want to encourage you by letting you know that we went to an International Fair at our county seat, Medina, on Saturday to pray. We kickstarted two people, prayed for a dozen and saw three dramatic healings. It was a tough crowd, mostly affluent, but we made several breakthroughs. Jesus lit up three of us at the same time when we ran into a friend who may have “have had” thyroid cancer. She had a recent uncertain diagnosis. We were praying and I felt the power of God, when just at the same time my wife and a colleague from work did. At the end of the day, the two we kickstarted were ecstatic.

Today, at church, a young man came to me at the sound board requesting prayer for a pulled muscle in his rib cage, caused by congestion and coughing he was recovering from. This was astonishing to me, because NO ONE comes asking for prayer for anything, I usually have to chase them down. I prayed four times, and he said the pain was still there. Later I took him to my wife and we both prayed three times – no better. Then I grabbed my phone, and we watched the video of the spinal stenosis case from Manchester. We prayed one more time, “Pain be gone in the name of Jesus!”. He looked up and said, “It’s GONE!” This was a huge victory for me, because I’ve had very little success getting miracles to flow in the church.

We are going to more events, and my wife is tracking down local food distributions like there in Manchester that we can do regularly. I plan to start video documenting soon and posting them at .

Thanks again for our amazing weekend!

Follow up from 9/21- more testimonies from Bruce and Doretta

Hi folks, greetings in our precious Lord Jesus!

Incredible things have been happening. My amazing wife has been scheduling us for every public event she can find, and we’ve found a local food bank where we can pray for people every Thursday! I’m a little behind on our blog, but it’s at . (Do What Jesus Did). We’ve seen a man with no feeling in his arms due to a transformer accident regain feeling, a woman in an electric wheelchair get up and walk around her chair, pain go down from 10 (and sometimes 20!) to zero, sprained ankle with boot and crutches totally healed, and last week someone we prayed for in our house is now my sister in Christ! We have Activiated 7 other people, and someone is coming to us from PA this weekend.

Couple Kickstarted from Yonkers NY

Our new friends Steve and Daisy came all the way from Yonkers NY for Kickstart Training. This was one of their encounters in a Manchester NH park! Yay Jesus

Couple Kickstarted from Windsor Canada

Our new friends Paul and Lynn drove 16 hours to be Acitivated – that’s a strong calling to drive so far! It was another awesome weekend of training on the streets, in the parks, in two feeding centers, and in a shopping mall. God sure honored their hunger to serve Him in a mighty way! Jesus showed Himself strong everywhere we went we shared healing and the Gospel! Check out a couple of the videos.

Scott Levesque

Homeless Man Receives Job and Housing after Prayer!

Jesus shows himself strong!

God is moving in mighty ways to show himself strong with the homeless and the poor. Hallelujah!! Over the past three months we’ve prayed for about 6 different people or families who were in need of a place to live and a job, and God responded within 1-10 days when each got a new job and a place to live! One family got both a place to live, and a car given to them the very next day after we prayed in faith, and then a new job one week later! In each case, the person came back to us 1-2 weeks later to give us the testimony of how God had answered their needs. When we pray for such things, we always declare that the signs will come so fast, there would be no doubt it was the hand of Jesus answering the prayer! And each time it happens, everyone is astonished and deeply moved by God’s love for them! You can see that there is a new hope restored and a strengthened relationship with Jesus.

When miracles and signs like this happen, the temptation is to start thinking it was the prayer, or the method that got a result, or that God is like a “genie in a bottle” waiting to serve our every need. The truth is, Jesus has great compassion for the lost, the sick, and the poor, and He is always looking for places to show himself strong, to advance His Kingdom on earth. Scripture says His eyes look to and fro throughout the earth to show himself strong on behalf of them whose heart are completely committed toward Him.

Jesus is looking for followers to take his love to the streets and just believe that He really can change lives – scripture says signs and miracles will follow those who believe. These are signs sent to confirm His Word! Jesus wants to heal the sick, mend broken hearts, and restore hope to the lost! He is the way, the truth and the life! The Gospel is so simple if we just believe His Word!

Glory to God!

Miracle Healing Scott Levesque The Last Reformation

Man’s Knee Pain Healed During Training!

More Healing from NH!

Our new friends Steve and Daisy came all the way from Yonkers NY for us to train them in healing the sick and preaching the Gospel on the streets (we call it Kickstart Training). It was the first time they had ever seen Jesus using them for healing like this, and after seeing Jesus use them to heal about a dozen people earlier in the day, this was one of their encounters later in the afternoon in a Manchester NH park! It was an awesome training day. Yay Jesus… He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Bones healed by prayer miracle Miracle Healing Scott Levesque

Neck and Shoulder Pain Healed by Prayer after 35 Years!

In Pain Since 1980 – Healed by Jesus!

Laury and I prayed for this nice Veteran at a soup kitchen in Lowell MA. He said he was in severe pain since 1980 and that the meds they gave never helped with the pain. I think Laury and I prayed twice, and immediately the pain left and he was so amazed that, he just stared at the wall trying to figure out where all the pain was gone after 35 years. Then 2-3 weeks later, our friend Garth captured this video testimony where he was still pain free. In this video, you can see the peace in this man’s face and eyes which is quite different from the day we prayed for him when he was tormented with such pain. It’s not unusual to see such changes in people after they get healed – I love seeing Jesus touch lives like this!!

Miracles happen – Jesus still Heals – Yay God!

Child Birth Miracles Internal Physical Healing Miracle Healing Scott Levesque

Baby Miracle from NH

Baby miracle testimony:

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much James 5:16

Back in July our friends Mike and Karen asked us to pray for baby Collin. After some difficulties during child birth, Colin had just been born with severe complications. He was born with blood on his brain, and struggling to breath/survive. His life was in serious danger with talk of not making it or at a minimum, they said he would likely have brain damage.

We prayed one Saturday while on the streets with our prayer team including several other days with Laury and I individually declaring that the baby would recover fully with no side effects, in the mighty name of Jesus. In fact, there were a whole lot of people offering fervent prayer on behalf of baby Colin and his mother. . This was him in the beginning.

Colin Before Prayers

But almost immediately, prayers were answered and Collin started to quickly improve. Within a couple weeks he was feeding normal, and off the respirators and feeding tubes. The term kept coming up “miraculous” with the doctors and nurses and Collin was called the “miracle baby” when he was released with no ailments, no brain damage, and perfectly healthy on August 13th. To God be the Glory! Amen

This was Collin when released: Yay God!
Colin After Prayers

Bones healed by prayer miracle Miracle Healing Scott Levesque

16 years of back pain gone!

16 years of back pain gone – Miracle healing!

This man came out of his UPS store in Manchester to take a break right after we had prayed for a man and his wife who both got their hearing back (the 50+ y/o woman was deaf since four years old), but that’s another testimony for another day. This man was reluctant at first to let us pray but by the time Jesus healed him, in the end he was literally hugging all of us and super happy we had asked if he had pain! Jesus showed up 🙂

Bones healed by prayer miracle Miracle Healing Scott Levesque

Healings from NH to OH …. And back!

Family from OH drives 12 hours to get Kickstarted!

Two weeks ago, Laury and I and our good friend Garth from JGLM ministries had the privilege of Kickstarting another family who drove an RV 12 hours, all the way from Akron OH to learn how to pray for the sick. Almost every weekend for the past several months, we’ve been Kickstarting a person, a family, or a small church group who are all now seeing healing, deliverance, baptisms, and salvations, bearing much fruit for the Kingdom!

Kickstarting is the term our good friend Torben Søndergaard taught us last year, which basically represents the same method that Jesus used in the Bible to disciple His followers. First He modeled healing and showing the Kingdom, then He sent out his apostles to do the same (Matthew 10), then he sent out the seventy (Luke 10) saying, “Behold I have given you authority and power to trample upon serpents and scorpions and (physical and mental strength and ability) over all the power that the enemy (possesses): nothing in any way shall harm you.” Kickstarting (discipling) is nothing new here…This is the same model that our Lord (who created all things), gave to us and we are simply following Him in His example given to us. (Mark 16:15)

What were the results back then? The seventy returned with joy, saying “Lord even the demons are subject to us in Your name!” And what did Jesus say? He said “I saw Satan falling like a lightning (flash) from heaven.” When Jesus had sent out the seventy, He witnessed the first real example of what His instructions and His template & design to restore the earth would accomplish ….to dethrone Satan ( I saw Satan FALLING!), to destroy the works of the devil, and for “His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven”! Yay God that he would entrust such a glorious work to His Sons and Daughters to pour out His spirit through us, and cover the whole earth with His Glory. Seriously, can you catch the weight of that privilege to be called Sons and Daughters and follow His example with the same results. My heart is so stirred with both excitement and awe at the same time, for His marvelous plan to unfold as we each grow in His love, His grace, and His faith!

Well, this wonderful family that drove all the way from Akron, experienced some life changing miracles as we trained them to lay hands on the sick. The video below is one of their first encounters with a case of spinal stenosis. They said their lives have been forever changed as a result and I know they will continue to take what they learned, and teach others to step out in faith and watch Jesus build His Kingdom on the streets! Jesus is King!

Please contact us anytime if you would like to be Kickstarted or discipled and watch the gifts of the Spirit flow through Jesus!

Scott & Laury Levesque

Scott Levesque

Man’s life transformed through prayer in less than 2 weeks

On Earth as it is in Heaven….

Laury and I have seen so many lives transformed simply by believing God wants to bless his children.

Not everyone needs physical healing. We often pray with people who are feeling pretty hopeless or desperate, so when we pray, we declare the goodness of God over their lives, and believe by faith that Jesus loves them so much, that He’ll shift their reality and bless them.

We really do believe Jesus will intervene and we’ve literally seen several people and families with desperate situations, dramatically changed, and lives restored, within 1-2 weeks.

In this video testimony below, we met Steve two weeks earlier, asked if he needed prayer and he said he needed a place to live, a job, and money. Although he wasn’t begging, I literally heard scripture in my head say “We have not silver or gold but what we do have we give to you in the name of Jesus”, and at that moment, Jesus shifted his reality.

The next time we saw him, he explained to us in tears, that in less than two weeks, he got a job, a place to live, and found $20 on the street. God so loved the world He sent His son, but Jesus seems so moved by those who have been earnestly seeking Him that He can’t wait to bless them. Steve was just one of many such people we’ve seen testimony of such an outpouring.
Yay God!

Scott & Laury

Leg Lenthening Miracle Healing Scott Levesque

Leg Grows Out in Manchester NH

Leg Grow out in Manchester NH.

OK so I know this is a challenge for a lot of people to wrap their belief around who have never seen such a thing, but it’s become a pretty regular occurrence for anyone walking in the supernatural and seeing healing miracles on a regular basis.

Although we experience this regularly as well, it was the first time our friend Peter got to pray for someone with a short leg and he and George were both pretty excited at the end result! Yay Jesus 🙂

Miracle Healing Scott Levesque The Last Reformation Torben Søndergaard

Kickstart Healing and Street Ministry Training- June14th- Goffstown NH

Kickstart Banner“And heal the sick in it and say to them, the kingdom of God has come close to you.”
– Luke 10:9
JUNE 14th, 10AM
Goffstown NH
(email us for details)
Scott & Laury Levesque will be doing a Kickstart training at the church to show how simple it is to lay hands on the sick and see consistent results.

After the brief teaching at church, there will be a demonstration of ministry and discipleship on the streets where we will experience the Holy Spirit Leading:

* How to overcome fear * How to pray for the sick
* How to find someone who’s open
* How to lead someone to Christ * How to baptize someone in water
* How to pray for someone to be baptized in the Holy Spirit

We’ll be using Torben Sondergaard’s Free Pioneer School as the basis for this training-
For more information on the Pioneer School you can watch the 20 lessons HERE

These are some recent testimonies with Scott & Laury on the streets:Scott & LauryMan Healed and Walks Without Crutches in Lowell- then receives Jesus!

Homeless Boston woman healed, delivered, fed, and set free by Jesus!

Teens Instantly Healed from Pain after 20 mile walk in Boston!

Man in Wheelchair with Foot Pain Gets Healed and Walks!

Hearing Restored: 3 Remove Hearing Aids in NH!

If you would like to attend please fill out the following- thanks
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Miracle Healing Scott Levesque The Last Reformation Torben Søndergaard

Kickstart Healing & Ministry Training in Ipswich MA – June-6-2015

NS Bridge logoMeeting Address: 77 Turnpike Rd Ipswich, MA 01938

Kickstart Banner“And heal the sick in it and say to them, the kingdom of God has come close to you.”
– Luke 10:9
JUNE 6th, 1pm
Scott & Laury Levesque will be doing a Kickstart training at the church to show how simple it is to lay hands on the sick and see consistent results.

After the brief teaching at church, there will be a demonstration of ministry and discipleship on the streets where you will learn:
* How to overcome fear * How to pray for the sick
* How to find someone who’s open
* How to lead someone to Christ * How to baptize someone in water
* How to pray for someone to be baptized in the Holy Spirit

We’ll be using Torben Sondergaard’s Free Pioneer School as the basis for this training-
For more information on the Pioneer School you can watch the 20 lessons HERE

These are some recent testimonies with Scott & Laury on the streets:

Man Healed and Walks Without Crutches in Lowell- then receives Jesus!

Homeless Boston woman healed, delivered, fed, and set free by Jesus!

Teens Instantly Healed from Pain after 20 mile walk in Boston!

Man in Wheelchair with Foot Pain Gets Healed and Walks!

Hearing Restored: 3 Remove Hearing Aids in NH!

If you would like to attend please fill out the following- thanks
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Miracle Healing Scott Levesque

Teens Instantly Healed from Pain after 20 mile walk in Boston!

May 3rd Boston Walk for Hunger – Teens Get Healed!

Our prayer team went to Boston Common to show the Love of Jesus and pray for the sick and homeless. We had just spent about an hour attending to a homeless woman who got healed of pain and delivered from a spirit of hopelessness and suicide, when two young women walked into Burger King badly limping. I asked if they were in pain (which was pretty obvious) and they explained that they had just finished the 20 mile annual “Walk for Hunger”. I said “let my wife and our friend Gbemi lay hands on you and pray so we can watch Jesus take away your pain” They said that they were Christians and believed in healing and said sure go ahead. One quick command for the pain to leave in the name of Jesus and all pain left both of the walkers.

They were pretty amazed and excited and caused a little commotion. They then went back to their table and shared what happened with two other walkers who were also in terrible pain. The two others quickly got up and sheepishly come over to us. I asked if they were also in pain and would like prayer and “YES” was the answer- so Laury and Gbemi each layed hands on these two girls and commanded the pain to go, and the pain was instantly gone – one girl was so excited that she put her hand over he mouth and started screaming so loud that the entire restaurant was looking at what happened! We just smiled and said they were healed by Jesus 🙂

Two other women got healed in Burger King while we were there: One had a cane with a bad knee, arthritis wracking her body, and Fibromyalgia. Her knee got healed, and all her pain in her body left and she proceeded to walk out without her cane! Jesus is so awesome!

After that we went out to the Boston Common and encountered about 20 more people in groups of 1-3 who were also limping and in extreme pain from the walk. Over about a period of one hour, every person prayed for got instantly healed from pain by Jesus! It was so much fun and a bit like popcorn exploding all over the park as each got healed by different team members.

It was so cool watching all the reactions from the teens we prayed for- one young man said he’d been in church his entire life and never seen anything like this (nor did I up until 4 years ago) another young woman was so moved, that she started to weep after Jesus took her pain away. It was an awesome day in the Lord! Yay! God

Miracle Healing Scott Levesque

Man in Wheelchair with Foot Pain Gets Healed and Walks!

Foot Pain Gets Healed and Man Walks Without Pain

My wife Laury and I along with our friends Bethany, Janice, Yvonne, Garth and sons Adriel and Garret came across this gentleman on the streets of Lowell who was in a wheelchair scooter. We talked with him and he said he had extreme pain in his feet from a birth defect. We asked what level of pain out of 10 and he said 20! We first offered to pray and he insisted that this was his condition and he always lived with severe pain every day. It took a few minutes for him to take us seriously and I think we finally said something like “what do you have to lose anyway?”2015-04-18 14.20.33

His pain instantly went from a 20 to an 8, then a 4, then 1, then a zero within 60 seconds. Garth then told him to get up and check the pain, so he stood up and said he had some new pain in the bottom of his feet. If I remember correctly, I think he said that pain on the bottom of his feet will never leave either. We challenged him saying if all the other pain left, why wouldn’t you think Jesus could remove the rest? We pressed in and prayed twice more and all that pain was gone in about 10 seconds as well! Praise Jesus – He is Lord!

We ministered on the streets for several more hours that day and saw many such healing testimonies, but later in the day we happened to see the same man outside WITHOUT his scooter! Yay God!!!!

Miracle Healing Scott Levesque

Intoxicated Woman’s Wrist Pain Healed in Haverhill MA

Book of Acts moment #8

God loves the despised, the brokenhearted, and the lost.

This is an older one from last fall I forgot to publish. A team of us had met at His Way Home Church in Haverhill to to go out on the streets praying for the sick in a less popular section of town on Saturday afternoon in September. I went into a small grocery/package store to buy some water.

There was an older woman in front of me waiting in line at the counter. I noticed she had her wrist all bandaged up. It was very similar to the picture I attached on this post. I asked her what was wrong. She said she just had surgery on the arm/wrist. She was extremely intoxicated, slurred a bit, and seemed very depressed and hopeless.injured handI think the “old me” would’ve looked at her and judged her in kind of a religious way because she was drunk. But instead, my heart instantly expanded and I felt great compassion for her condition. Maybe that was the real miracle in this story! It was purely the compassion of Jesus because it’s so much greater than anything my old nature could muster up and whenever it happens, powerful things follow.

I asked her what her level of pain was on a scale of 1 to 10- she thought about it and said it was about an eight. I asked you if I could pray for it and she said yes. I prayed once in the name of Jesus and asked her what her pain level was again. She looked so drunk that she actually seemed like she forget I had just prayed for it! But her reply was that the pain was about a three. I quickly laid my hand on it again prayed one more time and asked her what her pain level was……She had a big smile and she said it felt really good! I told her Jesus did it because He loves her, she smiled again and said thanks.

I heard someone recently say that healing is one of God’s “languages of love”. I like the way that sounds and in this example, I’d have to agree He was speaking to her on that day 🙂

God’s love is truly amazing, ….Jesus is Lord!
Scott L

Bones healed by prayer miracle Miracle Healing Scott Levesque

Homeless Boston woman healed, delivered, fed, and set free by Jesus!

Homeless Boston woman healed

This is the story of the homeless Boston lady by the name of Jewel who encountered the Love of Jesus. it’s a bit long, but worth the read I think. Sometimes ministering on the streets can get a bit messy but God is good all the time and love never fails 🙂

A few of us who gather together each weekend, had come up out of the Boston MBTA subway at the Boston Common specifically to lay hands on the sick. When we first arrived, 11 year-old Jacob who has been hungry to see his faith grow, had healed a guy on the sidewalk with an infection and pain in his ankle, then we crossed the street over to the Boston Common. Laury (my awesome wife) had just given a sleeping alcoholic her shirt to lay his head on, then she and my friend Garth prayed over him to be delivered from alcohol addiction, for he had said that he wanted/needed a drink. Afterward, he said he did not need a drink anymore.

Meanwhile, 11 year-old Jacob had pointed out to me a woman asleep on the grass a little distance away, saying she needed prayer. If I’m honest, my “flesh” thought this might get messy and hesitated for a second, but how could I refuse at the prompting of an 11 year-old boy? So I went over to the woman, and Garth followed a minute or so later and joined me. As it turned out, the woman was contemplating suicide (she had attempted suicide twice before), and was very thankful that we woke her up, because she had concluded that nobody cared about her anymore. In fact, before she went to sleep, she had prayed earnestly that God would send someone to her. She said that earlier in the day a man approached her and said that he would give her something to eat if she performed a certain act, but of course she refused.

Seeing that we were Christians, she pulled out a ragged paperback Bible to show us that she believed in God, and thanked God that we had come to encourage her. At this point, we had made her day just by showing her that someone cared about her. She was not expecting all that God was going to do for her through us, however God had another plan!

Initially, she began pouring out her story of difficulty as a young girl abused, repeatedly insisting that we not interrupt her, and to let her finish, because she “had to get it out.” When she was a child, she was placed in unspeakable situations to support someone’s drug addiction. She explained that her desire was to honor her mother, but she had to get away from that home to avoid the circumstances and stay safe, but felt she had dishonored her mom in a way. So she moved away and this had tormented her for years. Recently she came to Boston to bury her mother, for her mother had died and she sincerely wanted to honor her mother. Now she was homeless.

Worse than that, she said that two days before she had been in a wheelchair, and could still hardly walk. She had had seizures, but could not afford the anti-seizure medicine, so the homeless shelters had refused her, not being willing to deal with such a situation. She was oppressed to the point of bondage and mental anguish to all this, and still was not even of sound mind at this point. She would have ranted on and probably ask us for money to pay for those medications.

After she had vented a bit after maybe 20 minutes, we got control of the conversation, and when I asked her what her pain level was, on a scale of 0 – 10, she said “100.” Garth and I both began speaking life over her, and as the pain went down, she began to calm down. We continued to the point that she said that it was “much better,” and told her to stand up, which she did not think she could do. But she did (on her own), and we prayed over her some more as she became more and more coherent. She became so grateful for this progress that she said that this was enough, and began thanking God, but we insisted that all the pain had to go.

At this point after a few minutes, she was communicating perfectly normally and of sound mind.

She said that she was hungry, that she had not eaten all day long, so we asked her what she wanted, and she gave us an order for a double cheeseburger, onion rings, and soda. But at this point she could walk well enough that she said she would come with us, and began to pack her bag with her belongings.

But first, she wanted to know why we had come to her like this in her time of need. What prompted us? I said it was 11 year-old Jacob. She was surprised that it was a boy, and praised God for him, wanting to meet him. Garth pointed him out to her and beckoned him to come. He was lying on the ground with my two boys over him, and did not come. We found out that he had just fell and badly hurt his knee. He could not get up.

At this point we told her that he had just been injured, but that she should come lay her hand on him and it would be healed, just like what had just been done to her. We all walked over to him and and Garth told her to command that his knee be healed, in Jesus’ name. That is just what she did. She put her hand on his knee, spoke healing to him, the pain instantly left his knee, and he got up.

We all proceeded to the nearby Burger King, got the food for her, and some for the three boys (Garth’s two and Jacob). The four of them sat at a small table and ate and talked, while the rest of us encountered a number of other people at the fairly crowded Burger King who needed healing, all of whom left pain-free, including one older woman with a cane who had Arthritis, fibroid-myalagia, and four young ladies in this video:

At one point we looked and saw Jacob hand her one, two, three five dollar bills out of his pocket – that was his entire spending allowance for the day and he gave it all to Jewel!

We asked Jewell about her pain level one more time while she was at Burger King and she said she had a pain level of 2/10. It immediately went to zero and she was completely pain free. Her face was almost shining, so full of joy and peace by the time we left, you would not know she was the same woman who, one hour earlier, had a face that was twisted by thoughts of suicide, tormented by pain, and darkened by despair.

It is at that point that we got some video footage of her in the Burger King. The video ends with her breaking out in a song of praise for Jesus, walking through the crowded Burger King singing a beautiful melody, and when finished almost everyone in the place was clapping for her!

It was a really good day watching lives transformed in the name of Jesus! Yay God- thank you Jesus!
Scott L and Garth W
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Scott Levesque

Who was this man called Jesus?

Who was this man called Jesus?


And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.” In the same way, after the supper he took the cup, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you. Luke 22:19 & 20

That was the scene in the upper room just a few days before He rose from the grave on Easter, when Jesus invited the apostles to remember Him, to explain that His body was to be given for them, and to predict how His blood would be poured out for the new covenant …He said “do this in remembrance of me”, knowing He would be leaving them soon.

Webster’s dictionary gives us a definition of Remembrance as: “an act of recalling to mind or – a memory of a person, thing, or event”

Most of us have lost a friend or loved one in our lives and we inevitably recall an event that reminds us of that person…”in remembrance of them”. Generally, at that time we remember a couple things that may have defined that person’s life…sometimes good or sometimes bad.

Some friends past we remember by their virtues…”he was a generous man”….”she was so kind”…”that guy was a saint”…”she was so patient”… or perhaps some are remembered by not so saintly virtues like “what a cheat”…”he was a bum” …”she was cold hearted”…. Others we might remember by a hobby they enjoyed…”he was a biker”, “she was a great dancer”, “he was a fisherman”…and many we remember by profession…a salesman…a policeman…a surgeon…a nurse… a pastor

So which traits should we remember of Jesus… when he said; “Do this in remembrance of me”?

I decided to make a list of the things the gospel of John had to say about who Jesus was, which is by the way only one book of 66 books that are woven together as the Bible describing Jesus as the Messiah.

These are some of the common words the Apostle John used to describe Jesus:

The son of Mary, the son of Joseph of Nazareth, cousin of John the Baptist, a brother, a good friend, a carpenter, one from the family of David, Teacher, Rabbi, the good shepherd, and a man full of love. And those common terms are where it would end for most of us if we were being remembered after our death.

But when remembering Jesus, John wrote many other words while inspired by the Holy Spirit to describe Jesus – it’s a list like none before or ever since – these descriptions are the ones that make Jesus different than any other person in the history of humanity. These reveal the one true Messiah:

The one who could change water to wine, the Holy one from God, The one who could restore sight to the blind, The one who has shown us what God is like, the Profit, The Son of man, The bread that came down from heaven, The Holy One, The word that became human and lived among us, The light of the world, Protector from the evil one, The King of Israel, The one hated for no reason, The Way, The Truth, The Life, God’s Bread, The one who came down from heaven and gives life to the world, The healer, The one who raised his friend Lazarus from the dead, The forgiver of Adultery, The one who judges for the Father, The one who fed 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish, The Messiah, The one who harvests believers, The master, the one Samaritans called “Savior of the world”, The true vine, God’s only Son, Lamb of God, the One who washes feet and cleans men’s souls, The one the Father gave power over everything, The word, The one sent by the Father to save the world, King of the Jews, The tortured one, The one crucified that others might live, the one whose bones were not broken, the one who defeated death, the risen one, and As the apostle Thomas called him, “My Lord & My God”

No one, in the history of mankind can be remembered like that…not one person has ever come close to these descriptions…no one, ever – no other religious leader can make such claims. That is why the Christian religion is like no other religion in the world. There is only one Son of God, and one way to our father in heaven, and that is through Jesus Christ alone and He proved it through thousands of miracles, signs, wonders, and prophecies that predicted these events hundreds of years in advance.

So if you thinking right now, “I’d like to learn more about this fascinating man they called Jesus, or maybe you wish you could have been there to hang out with a guy like that…well, I have great news to share…..Jesus was all those things over 2000 years ago, and He is still all those things for you and I today, because He is eternal and He gave each person a way to know Himself intimately by accepting His free gift of salvation.

If you don’t know Jesus yet, know this, he loves you and want’s to be those things for you, and the best friend you will ever have!…He cares and loves you so much that he gave up his own life to save yours! If you haven’t been introduced, don’t hesitate to ask me about how you can be adopted into the eternal family of God, receive forgiveness, and the gift of God’s spirit living inside of you. … there’s still some really good tickets left to meet with Him! Don’t miss out, your eternal future is at hand 🙂

God Bless you,
Scott L

Deafness healed Miracle Healing Scott Levesque

Hearing Restored: 3 Remove Hearing Aids in NH!

Luke 7:22
So He replied to them, Go and tell John what you have seen and heard: the blind receive their sight, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the good news (the Gospel) preached to them.

As Christians and children of God, that is also our great privilege to grow in faith, believe, and do the same works (and greater) of Jesus just as He proclaimed. Our team has been consistently stepping out seeing greater and greater miracles. Two years ago the miracles were sporadic for me personally but we just kept pressing in for more, and today we are seeing regular miracles weekly.

Last month (Jan 2015), we met a man in a mall on New Years Eve. We asked if he had pain but he said no – however I knew something wasn’t right. So I said, there is something you are not telling us. He said, “I have been waiting a long time for my miracle.” “Oh yah”, I said “what’s that?” He said he was born deaf in his left ear. I said, “Oh, that’s an easy one, let us pray” (I’m not sure why I was so confident since I had only seen us pray for one other person who got hearing back!) But one quick command/blessing and he got 50% of his hearing back, 3 more quick blessings and it all came back! Jesus is Lord!

If that wasn’t enough, we asked him if he ever heard of the baptism of the Holy Spirit? – he had not, but he asked us to pray for it after explaining the benefits and he received it, and it was evidenced by the gift of tongues. He received his private prayer language of tongues, right in the mall! You can’t make this stuff up..people are getting set free from sickness and bondage everywhere we go! The baptism of the Holy Spirit is becoming a regular occurrence on the streets, in malls, and in homes as we step out in faith, God is pouring out His Spirit in these days, in many such ways….and there’s nothing special about us, such gifts of faith are for all of us, I promise! Just believe! …the Kingdom of Heaven truly is near!

Well, that raised our faith so much that 3 weeks later my wife Laury and I prayed for one women with double hearing aids in Walmart who got all her hearing back (she happened to be a lovely Nun full of life), and then two hours later we met a sweet elderly couple 91 years old. The man’s knees got healed, and as they were walking away we noticed they had hearing aids in both ears. We ran back over to them and prayed for the man first and he got all his hearing back and was astonished and grateful. Then his wife asked if we could pray for her ears and as her hearing become significantly better, and her sweet husband was so moved that his eyes filed with tears of joy. What a beautiful couple we encountered who were married for 70 years, full of love for each other and full of light! And what a privilege to follow Jesus and see such joy when someone gets healed by Him.

I believe this is the Christian life we are called to live, full of signs and wonders! Week after week we now see dozens of backs, hips, knees, feet, stomachs, shoulders, wrists, and arms healed and we are so delighted, but we also expect to see greater. We expect cancer, MS, MD, lung disease, heart disease, CP, Autism, and any other so called incurable diseases to bow down to the name of Jesus. It’s already starting to happen and getting stronger…. don’t miss the call. Step out in faith and simply start believing in what Jesus did, believe in what He said we would do, believe in what He accomplished for us, then proclaim it and the miracles will follow. Don’t give up, don’t give in, and don’t be discouraged – keep at it and signs will follow those who believe – that’s a promise from God Himself.

Friends I believe that Faith is rising in the body, and God wants us “all in”! So come on and ride the wave….just step out and pray for someone today and watch Jesus meet you in the middle!
Scott L

Bones healed by prayer miracle Documented Chronic Sickness Healed Internal Physical Healing Miracle Healing Salvation Scott Levesque The Last Reformation Tumors reduced or disappear

3 Days of Non-Stop Healing Testimonies from NH

Check out how the Spirit of God is being poured out in NH in three days 12/13 to 12/15. This is the normal Christian life if we will just believe!

We’ve been hitting the streets every Saturday since Torben Sondergaard’s visit to NH/MA in July. The number of healing experiences and salvations has been amazing and grows each week in power. So many testimonies we often don’t post most of them, but here are a few from just what my wife Laury and I witnessed this past weekend. Others on the team saw similar healing as we often move separately as “mini-pods” with unique testimonies flooding the places we visit. This actually only some of what we experienced over 7hrs on ONE Saturday! One other note worth mentioning, in the past 6 weeks we’ve seen athiests, agnostics, Muslims, and Budhists all healed in the name of Jesus! Jesus is Lord….Yay God 🙂

At the feeding center Saturday we prayed for Women with back/sciatic pain and with a tumor on her back-all pain left and after three prayers the tumor disappeared. Then she received Jesus as Lord and we asked for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, ….she got hosed and she said she felt happy.

Two women in anguish got prayed for and wept after being touched by the love of God . They got filled with the peace of Jesus.

Another mans pain went down to zero in his knees after prayer and he had far greater movement afterwards. So many people have been healed at the feeding center these past 5 weeks that each week we see less and less sick people to pray for (yay!)….they are all getting healed in the name of Jesus. One day, I know we’ll be hitting hospitals in every city and doing the same!

Later at lunch I got a word that a 55 year old man’s knee was in pain from a sports injury after High School – He was a bit freaked out that we knew that and only let us briefly pray once, but he felt relief!

Later in Walmart we saw a woman’s foot completely healed, four different women with various back pain/sciatic issues healed, three women with hip pain healed, three women with canes and knee pain healed, one man with hip and knee pain healed, I got a word of knowledge about arthritis with a sweet older women in her back – two prayers and she went from a pain level of 8 to zero and was healed, a women in a scooter with polio felt all the pain leave her back and legs after three prayers, and a sweet 92 year old women who had stomach pain got healed and was so moved that she wept and and praised God for healing her and thanked us several times with great joy in her face (she got hit hard by the presence of God). It was precious and beautiful!

On Sunday we prayed for a man with a bad knee at a local church and his knee got healed. Then at mom’s nursing home we prayed for an ankle injury on a kitchen worker who got healed, and then we prayed for a 92 Y/O women (patient) with a broken tailbone who’s pain went to zero- she also had arthritis in her hands with pain unable to move them. All pain left after 3-4 prayers and she had total movement and said they felt very hot! Jesus! Amazingly we’ve been praying for a chance to raise the dead and the night ended with God giving us a chance to pray to raise someone who died while at the nursing home while we were still there. We had faith she would rise and layed hands on her since she was in the bed beside mom’s, but I believe she was already in heaven and wouldn’t come back (hey I can’t blame her!)…I believe we’ll see the dead raised here soon enough because Jesus said so….next one!

Then, last night at mom’s nursing home a nurses attendant got healed of oppressive fatigue, and calf cramps and then an LNA got healed of sciatic pain and hip degenerative pain. We are starting to see more and more staff members (and patients) healed at the nursing home! Jesus is alive and well in NH!

…all creation anxiously awaited for what is being revealed today – Just Believe!

This is a video of a typical healing in Walmart (three weeks ago)!

Bones healed by prayer miracle Miracle Healing Scott Levesque

Knee Healed – Woman walks away perfectly without her cane!

Woman’s Knee Healed Scheduled for Replacement!

This was a fun testimony to experience at the Topsfield fair in MA. Laury and I approached this woman in pain and asked why she needed the cane as she was sitting on a bench. She explained that she had 2 bad knees and that she recently had one kneed replaced and was scheduled for an appointment on Tuesday to discuss replacing the other knee.

We asked her if we could pray explaining all the pain would go away and that we recently prayed for another knee that was totally healed also scheduled for replacement. She agreed – She said she was in a lot of pain at a level 8 on a scale of 1-10 before prayer. We both layed hands on her knee, prayed in the name of Jesus and the pain went down to about a 4, then one more quick prayer and all the pain left. We told her to stand up and test it. She was so shocked (I love seeing that part!) and kept insisting it felt totally healed, we kept saying “we know”! It was so much fun to see the hope restored in her eyes.

We spent a bit more time ministering to her and her daughter and prayed over both to bless them. She walked away perfectly without a cane and without a limp and said she no longer felt like she had “bone on bone” and was so very happy 🙂 I believe she got a new knee from God that night!knee healed

Bones healed by prayer miracle Miracle Healing Scott Levesque The Last Reformation Torben Søndergaard

Why so much hype about healing?

Shoulder healed in Manhattan with Torben Sondergaard

Did Jesus have compassion and restore limbs- yes. Did he set people free from the oppression of sickness- yes. Did He come to set the captives free and heal the brokenhearted-yes. Did he do all these miracles just for the sake of the miracles-heck NO!

He did it so people would come to know God is real, know that He loves us, and know that He desires a deeper, daily fellowship with each of us through knowing His Son.

So when we go out and heal the sick, it’s not just because we have compassion and want to see people get healed, but the end game should always be to try and share the good news of the Gospel, bringing their hearts to a place of true repentance so they may see their need for a savior, get set free, and come to know Christ. It’s really simple.

It’s through this tool of healing, that many may come to know the saving grace of our Lord and as a result desire fellowship with their very creator. This is the very model Jesus and the first century church used- and it was so powerful that many were added to the body daily.

Our hope is that anyone who encounters God through healing may be so touched that they may be willing to follow Christ and find freedom in Him. That they may learn to lay down their lives for the sake of Love and to live the abundant life God intended for each of us.

Our ultimate goal in healing and sharing the good news is that each one we touch may desire more freedom and come to know the full eternal life found only in Him, repent, be baptized in water as a new creation in Christ, be baptized in the Holy Spirit, and then go out with the same demonstration of God’s power and do the same for others.

If we follow Jesus, then our call is the same as the first disciples and it’s the model for us to follow as an example of how the kingdom is ever expanding.

I don’t know about you but I’m so excited and can’t wait to see how God leads this movement with a true demonstration of Gods power in the coming days/months/years, though us, His disciples!

Is anyone else out there excited? 😉

Luke 9; Then He called His twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over all demons, and to cure diseases. 2 He sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick

(In this video, Torben Søndergaard spent another 15 minutes intimately talking with this young man, praying with him, and leading him to a deeper desire to know and walk with Jesus. The young man seemed really hungry to know God and was visibly excited when Torben left his card to learn more through his website teachings – we can all do this!)

Run well!
Scott L