Does God still heal the sick? Was healing just for the Apostles?

Does God still Heal the sick?

That was the question my good friend Michael asked one day during bible study. He asked the same question that we had all thinking: “Why aren’t we seeing the miracles and wonders of the first century church, and why can’t we do the same miracles as the Apostles?”

After just finishing a year-long study on the power of the Holy Spirit, what he asked seemed like a fair question, especially since here in the North Eastern USA, faith in the power of the Holy Spirit can often seem as distant as the miracles of the first century church over 2000 years ago!

So here was my return question; “If we receive the Holy Spirit when saved by receiving Jesus, and if Christ was raised by that same Holy Spirit, and if the Apostles performed miracles by that same spirit, then shouldn’t we have the same exact power within us? Isn’t God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, the same today as yesterday and tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8)? Isn’t it “one spirit, the Holy Spirit, that unites the entire body of Christ?” Isn’t that the same Spirit that God gave us mentioned in Matthew 10:1, ACT1:8, Romans 15:13, 1 Corinthians 2:4, and 2 Timothy 1:7 just to name a few?

That question and it’s answers, has led me down a path to discover that such miracles and wonders, are still here today!

For years I was taught and believed, that the Miracles of the Apostles died with the first Apostles almost 2000 years ago. I had believed like most of my friends, that the “miracle crusades” of the 50’s and 70’s, and 80’s were all just “crackpot” crazy ministers, filled with intense emotions, selling nothing but fake miracles where emotions overcame obstacles like headaches and back pain. It made perfect sense that the small miracles were just the result of overcoming pain through an adrenalin rush, you know, the old ‘mind over matter” saying,  or perhaps they staged an elaborate wheelchair hoax right? It all seemed a bit fake to me, and I believe in some cases, it really was fake which to me is/was the ultimate blasphemy about God’s power and truth when someone tries to fake miracles for personal gain.

After all, I didn’t personally know anyone who was dramatically healed through prayer, or know anyone who had personally experienced “real healing” from such a ministry. My conclusion for most of my life, was that biblical healing was all just some well executed “smoke and mirror” performances with little substance, and nothing was coming from typical media outlets to convince me otherwise. I thought “certainly if any of this miracle stuff is real, it would show up on the front pages of national news papers, or on the evening news broadcasts, right?”

But something happened to me when I was attending revival services in Albany New York early in 2012. I started witnessing real miracles happening, on real people who I know personally. I saw a man who was deaf from birth, healed and able to hear again. I saw a man with a heart condition healed. I saw several people completely healed from depression. I saw damaged knees, ankles, and backs healed. I saw a man in perfect health who was in a coma and brain-dead after dying with a heart attack right in a church a year earlier. Doctors said he would never walk or talk again because he went so long without oxygen, yet through prayers by a couple of “faith filled” pastors from Victory Christian Church, he become completely healed in two weeks (See “Russell’s Story” posted on this site)!

These weren’t something I read about, these were all documented miracles on real people I met and saw myself. I have to admit after seeing all these, my world was rocked beyond understanding. Within a couple of months, my entire view of the world had been turned upside down, and as I saw truth emerge, the Spirit of God within me begin to rise up and stir and I felt my spirit inside, groaning for more! I honestly felt like scales were falling off my eyes just like Saul before becoming Paul the Apostle, when he began to see the truth about Jesus. Somehow, a vale had been lifted in both cases.

I started to wonder if miracles like this were something isolated or were they in fact commonplace in the world around us. I wondered if such things were happening everyday in the world but many of us simply never hear about them, or maybe we just didn’t believe it when we heard them?

So I started doing research on miracles around the world and wouldn’t you know, since that day I’ve learned that countless medically documented miracles and supernatural wonders are being experienced each day yet strangely they go unnoticed to most of the news outlets.

I kept thinking, how can such amazing news go completely unknown to the world and go unnoticed within mainstream Christianity?? I thought, how was this possible that I could be so misinformed, especially as a 24 year mature believer??? No wonder the world church is filled with so much unbelief! It seems the media is either deaf to telling these amazing stories or the world just isn’t listening (or both), and up to now the enemy has been victorious at keeping us in the dark.

My conclusion, the world desperately needs to know and hear such faith building stories of hope! And now, it seems God has placed a burning desire on my own heart to help spread the word that miracles are happening all around us, and that miracles in the name of Jesus are healing the sick, comforting the poor, restoring the church of Christ, and preparing His bride (the Church) for His return!

Since starting this site, it has been my great joy to not only see the number of site visits growing each day but to also pursue miracles in my own life. Today, I now pray every day for someone, somewhere and I’m starting to see Jesus use me for more and more miracles, Amen!! It is my hope and prayer that our faith may be strengthened from such miracles!

It’s true, God is on the move and showing us His Spirit is alive, and greater miracles are unfolding as we speak. Through the proof of these miracles, God is calling us to closer fellowship with His Son who was sent to save the world using “wonders, great signs, and many kinds of miracles”! As the book of ACTS (2:22) says, “Fellow Israelites, listen to this: Jesus of Nazareth was a man accredited by God to you by miracles, wonders and signs, which God did among you through him, as you yourselves know.”

I am certain that same Spirit of Jesus, is with us today, bringing miracles, wonders, and signs, so the Church may be renewed and so that millions of unbelievers may come to know Him and receive the gift of His saving grace!

If you are not a believer in Jesus know this, He died for you, no matter how much you feel unworthy, He loves you just as you are, no matter what you did in your past, and He stands at the door waiting for you saying “… but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” Come and drink deeply of the spirit of God through His precious Son, Jesus Christ ……receive His love and be saved with Life Eternal.

If you are uncertain that you are saved, or wonder if you could ever be saved, or if you just want to receive God’s saving grace for your life, then I urge you to visit this page and learn how you can ask Jesus into your life. How can I receive salvation and eternal life in heaven?

John 3:15
that whoever believes in Him should not perish but[b] have eternal life. 16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. 17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

May God Bless you,
Scott Levesque,


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61 thoughts on “Does God still heal the sick? Was healing just for the Apostles?

  1. I am happy to have found a site like’s inspiring for people to hear..hope in the darkness..Faith is the hope of something not yet manifested.

    • Thank you 🙂 ….it’s all evidence of God with us today, and I give all praise to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit for revealing himself to us. Amen

  2. Miracles do happen ,I have received a few ,so I know .And I belive .But it is true .You don,t see the Church of Acts today.I am alive because I believe .Jesus is alive he still healing.Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

    • Hector, we may not see the same church today as in Acts, but He is the same yesterday as today and I believe we will soon see such a church again as we humble ourselves and seek Him, He will pour out His Spirit among the nations! The evidence is already showing signs and wonders.
      Acts 2:17
      ‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your young men shall see visions, Your old men shall dream dreams.

  3. Its really funny because as I first started to read the first thing about miracles, its crazy that about 6 or 7 months ago a friend and I were having the same conversation on the miracle of the bible and why we don’t see anything being said about the or if they really do happen even today. They do and I agree they need to be available for others to read and know that God is the same 2000 years ago as he is today. He does miracles everyday…salvation is a miracle. Healing happen every day and they should be told. Why I don’t know. The world as well as the church seems to think God changed over the 2000+ years of our earths existence. He hasn’t. He can do the same thing today but the key is faith and belief that anything is possible.

    Keep documenting and God will continue to show you more to show to others.

  4. I think this a good article, well written, 1st person witnessed, and informative, But unfortunatly in the news dispensation business, sadly, if it doesn’t bleed it doesn’t lead. I’ll reference my first 2 years of college. I subscribe to a magazine/paper called “the Good News”. The premise was that only good, positive, uplifiting, stories would be published in it. No bloody, guts and glory, or tragic articles would or could be found in these pages. If I remember correctly, sadly, it didn’t last 14 months of my 2yr monthly subscription. It hasn’t stopped me, 40 years later, of still looking for the good.

  5. One reason we don’t hear of these miracles is because medical records are private and the medical professionals who witness them on a regular basis are not allowed to talk about them.

  6. Great site Scott, thanks for telling me about it. I have been a believer my whole life, but it’s only been over the past few years that I have completely put God in control. It took far too long for me wake up…

  7. Great site Scott, and wonderful service to the Body of Christ. Keep it going and keep it growing. Only Heaven will measure the effect you have and it will not be small in any way.

    Greg Nichols

  8. I love reading about Wigglesworth and the healings from God. Love this site. I need healing from God for heart,diabetic and thyroid. Please be in prayer for me. God Bless and thank you.

  9. I know my Redeemer lives and He saves. We (5 of us) were driving down a very icy two lane highway with deep ditches on either side. Our driver was in a hurry and there were three slow cars in front of us and what looked like a long stretch of flat highway up ahead. So he started to pass all three cars. then a car came from behind a small snowy hill directly toward us. By this time we were next to the middle car and they were all close together. There was absolutely no place to go. He must have slammed on the brake because we started spinning around. After what seemed like forever, we stopped spinning. We were backward on the road and there were no cars anywhere on the road. (none at all) Yahovah is very good. Praise be to Jesus, my Savior!

    • Praise Yahweh!!! He protected you all but the driver should have been more careful… icy roads and he trying to pass another… but for God that could have been tragic. We are to use wisdom. Blessings!

  10. Wow! Glory to God. He is so awesome! God is Yahweh Rapha yesterday, today and forever, as long as people need to be healed. He IS Healing. He IS Health.

  11. I can testify that the power of God is alive and well in the 21st century. Our team goes out most weekends and we see miracle after miracle. Praise God, for his word is life, Praise Jesus for his sacrifice, through him we are able to do as he did and greater signs and wonder shall follow. To all the naysayers, you do not know what you speak for the kingdom of God is upon those who believe and obey His Words. His Words are life in abundance and the enemy shall bow it’s knee to the Name of Jesus!

  12. It’s a great article and honest about the state of affairs with the church today and root of sceptism among unbelievers and with some Chrstians about the real possibility of miracles today. We need more clear and precise documents on these occurrences to show they still exist and occur. Thank you for opening up the dialogue and the giving clear examples of their existence.

  13. Please pray for my daughters, age 14 and 15, my husband and myself. Both daughters and I have scoliosis. One daughter has speech problems. My husband has back pain. I have neck pain.

  14. I believe God is performances ng miracles all of the time. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of this. God is moving. He is working in our lives even if we don’t seem to be getting anywhere. There are so many times where God haves kept that car from hitting us, provides for our needs when it seems impossible to make ends meet, to be able to talk, walk, and etc. There are many wat God shows his miracles which is derived from his live and mercy. God is good and he is willing and ready to forgive, though we don’t deserve it. Praise God, THe Son, and The Holy Spirit, amen.

  15. I have wanted to help people heal since I was about 10. I watched shows on TV where people were healed and knew it’s something I have to do. But my parents and others I told said it’s fake. I was pretty much discouraged. However I still sought answers and tried some energy type healer’s like reiki. Never got really good or lasting results though I could feel the energy. I like what I see here and would love to get involved.

  16. I need heeeelllpppp!!! I have a three year old son who has been diagnosed with hearing loss, the audiologists are still not sure if it’s moderate, severe or profound. My son now uses hearing aids but it has been a struggle. It continually breaks my heart when I see him with other kids not knowing how to communicate verbally. Need your prayers as I feel so strongly that his healing lies in the spiritual route. Thank you all and may God bless you.

    • Beloved 3 year old son in Jesus name, Ears I command you to open. God thank you for the new parts for this little boys ears to hear perfectly. Praise you Father! You’re a Good Good Father! It’s who you are!

  17. These signs WILL follow those who believe, They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.
    A truly wholehearted follower of Christ can By faith, In Jesus name, and by the anointing of the Holy Spirit certainly will lay hands on the sick and they Will recover. I testify to you all in truth that I stand eyewitness to The healing power of Jesus Christ through this servants hands. Instantly! Jesus is healing just as much today as he did thousands of years ago. He expects His disciples to do the same. There is no Power in the church because they deny the power . ” They will have a form of Godliness but deny its power thereof” . Just believe what the Bible says you can do and DO it. Quit wrongly dividing and confusing the scriptures. Read it exactly as it’s written for the Father is NOT the author of confusion.

  18. I am so happy to have found this site- I do believe in miracles and I am in a great need of one. I had surgery in my eye to remove a pterygium unfortunately came back very aggressive. Please pray for healing and God bless you.
    Thank you,

  19. I pray / ask for healing for my left shoulder, neck, arm, blood, eyesight, hearing, immune system, Vitamin D, my finances, attitude, confidence
    – please pray for me

  20. I can say without any doubt that healings are real. I had the Holy Spirit come upon me after I had rid myself of all pride, ego, and repented of sin. You see, He hides himself from the proud…even a little pride, and he will hide from you. Come to him with godly sorrow for sins, and he will appear, giving the power of the Holy Spirit all over your body. I ran around for 2 months with the annointing, not knowing what to do with it. Laid hands on 2 people and they received a healing…got scared and quit for a bit. When one recieves the HS, their confidence and FAITH shoots too the moon…thereby letting them to command any healing or whatever is needed, and it will be done..instantly.

    I say, seek out the Truth,..knock and it will be opened, seek and you shall find. For when the truth is revealed…one will marvel, one will also be terrified at the same time, and then ultimate peace. For there are other things that happen when the HS first comes, and I will not share those have to experience them first hand.

  21. I’m a believer! You prayed for my nephew in Providence R I on yesterday as he waited at the bus stop for his hip pain. He suffers really bad from hip pain! He hasn’t had any pain in that hip since you and the others all prayed for him. He has shared what he believes to be a miracle with my family as well as friends and coworkers. Continue to do God’s work! YBS

  22. Miracles do and continue to Happen. I wore glasses with a -3 prescription for almost 20 years. I received the gift of the holy spirit in April and have been glasses free ever since. Everything is so much brighter, crisper, clearer. Even with glasses it wasn’t this clear. I have got to share the event with everybody I know as well. When they ask what happened to your glasses? I get so excited.

  23. I have had -11.5 diopter since years. You are the first person I read/heard about who has been healed of refractive error, so far as i recall. Maybe one day i too can get rid of prescription glasses in Jesus’ name!

  24. when I first received Christ it was by means of listening to a message on a cassette tape. The minister quoted Proverbs 17:22 stating a merry heart doeth good like medicine. He added, even sinners have a merry heart and it doeth them good, how much more the joy of the Lord. Not knowing anything about doctrines and hardly anything I threw these strong medications I was on for over 15 years away and every one wondered what happened. I don’t recommend anyone to do what I did only if definitely having a clear witness by the Spirit. knowing also the devil may attempt to give you a false leading. The seizures came back upon me after 2 years. Maybe cause I didn’t have a prayer life, but still witnessed to others. Acts is my favorite book as I believe healing should be the norm, not the exception. I feel my callings in life is 2 fold. Winning the Lost and edifying the body. We’re one big family but so detached. Reading Psalm 19:1-3 I looked up into the sky at and beheld 1 small star and realized all the darkness in the world can’t put that light out and we have it in us. That treasure in these earthen vessels. Romans state men suppress it, I simply encourage the body to soak it up like a sponge.

  25. My sincere request ,please pray for my son T.karthik who is suffering from hearing loss 95%both ears since childhood he is now 29 yrs old facing lot of set backs in his career

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